Natural Indigo Powder

By on 9-25-2013 in New

The Natural Indigo Powder is a fantastic addition to our line of natural colorants. It is extracted from the leaves and stems of indigo-containing plants. We recommend a usage rate of 1/2 teaspoon indigo per pound of soap.


  1. I used 2 tsp of indigo powder in a 3 lb soap mold. It was more of a grey blue and much like faded blue jeans. If I didn’t let it go through gel phase would the color be brighter? I love the dark blue of the indigo and would like to duplicate that.

    • Hi Deborah, Did you add the indigo to your lye water before mixing it with the oils? We found that was the key to getting a nice denim blue color. But it is definitely more of a natural, earthy blue. If you are looking for something brighter I would try our Ultramarine Blue Oxide.

      • I added the indigo to the oils. So I will add it to the lye water next time. I was using it like I do the oxides. I will also try the Ultramarine Blue to compare them. Thanks for your help Amber.