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New to Melt and Pour

I have been a Hot Process soap maker for the past few years. I was set from making all my products from scratch. In an effort to save time I starting thinking about buying premade bases and adding the glycerin soaps to my product list. I am really having a ton of fun with it. I was nervous that this soap would be drying compared to my all natural hot process soaps, but it is not. It is very nice, light, and a 4oz bar lasts forever! They have been a big hit with my customers.

First Time User

This was my first project with soap making so figured I'd start simple and use a melt and pour base. The Clear Melt and Pour Base was very easy to use. It doesn't dry completely clear, but it was perfect for what I was trying to accomplish. Excited to give out the finished product for holiday gifts.

Easy to work with

This is the first base I've used so I don't have much to compare it to but...It was easy to work with and unscented/clear as it should be and as other soaps I looked at online were complained about for not being. My only wish is that this was more moisturizing - I'll probably add shea butter to my soaps or something! Also, I wish the shipping price was advertised before I got to the purchase page because I thought I was getting an awesome deal on Bramble Berry - I definitely did quality wise from what I can gather, but price wise, it's the same as anywhere else.

Teresa A
Can do anything to it!

I love this clear soap. I add fixed oils to it with the clays to design my own brand of soap. My customers are always telling me that they love it when I do stripes with clear and white and color in the center of it. That no matter which layer they wash with it still has that creamy lather feel to it. The best oil I have found to go with this base when using it alone is Rice Bran Oil . I tried other brands out there but this company is my 1st on the list company to buy soap base from.

Bulk clear melt and pour base

LOVE working with this base. Have tried 2 other types and this one definately pours the best. It does not harden too fast after it cools and makes it much easier when you are adding embeds and doing complex designs. The only negative point is that it does not pour completely clear so I still purchase a different base for those items that I want to look crystal clear. Even with this one drawback, it is my favorite.