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Amazing Carrot soap bars!

I used the carrot seed oil, a small amount of Fresh Zucchini Flower fragrance, the orange colorant. They came out amazing, I love the mixture of the scent its so earthy and makes me think of getting out into the garden in the spring. Very nurishing for older skin like mine! The color came out great it is such a simplistic bar I plan to decorate with a band of burlap fabric and twine with homemade tag. My friends will love this! Thanks Brambleberry love this one!

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The results outweigh the initial scent

I made a love facial oil blend and decided to add this carrot seed essential oil to boost it up. At first I was miserable with the scent but it's funny how the scent becomes likeable, truly it does. After using it for a week I noticed the tiny bumps on my forehead were gone. After two weeks, the wrinkles around my eyes seem to be less crows feet, more faint. Overall my skin feels and looks healthier and dare I say, younger.

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Use a light hand, earthy

This scent can easily become overbearing as it is very strong. That being said, I love it. Super scary sniffing right out of the bottle, or while your product is still warm, it'll knock your socks off with a POW... but once cooled, settles down nicely. I combined this scent with D'anjou pear, Juniper Sage, and a small bit of Litsea Cubeba (I think I am missing a note in there, probably lavender) and although interesting, is something I can't help but keep sniffing. It is herbal, and the first descriptive word for this smell that comes to mind is "earthy" followed by "healthful." Would make a great gardeners scented product. I used it (with those other scents mentioned) in shampoo/conditioner.

Really wonderful!

I am a perfume designer, and I buy normally from suppliers that serve professional perfumers. It was a wonderful surprise how pure the essential oil is. Thanks BB!!

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I think it must be an aroma you either love or greatly dislike. I LOVE it's aroma and have used a face cream with this in it for 3 yrs. about 8 yrs ago. I have not pampered myself with this again until now. I now make a face cream/serum(recipe from soap queen eye serum) this Carrot Seed Essential Oil. Not only did I and do I notice a difference in my skin but I used to get and once again get compliments on what smells so good, an earthy lovely's my face! The last 2 yrs. the skin on my cheeks has felt as if it was getting almost leathery if you will, and no, I'm not a smoker and no one in my house smokes, but rather I started the change of life in 2012 and nothing I tried worked to give me back my soft cheeks again. I believe my body chemistry has been changing and causing that effect. Well, I have been using my face cream/serum for about a week and a half and my cheek skin has improved about 70% so far. Love the smell, love the benefits, love that it is affordable.