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Doesn't Smell like Traditional Chai Tea

This has a very sweet floral scent that does NOT smell anything like traditional Chai tea. It doesn't have the Cinnamon, Cardamom, Clove scent, its just a sweet herby scent. I first ordered it and thought it was a mislabeled bottle, so they sent me another bottle, but it's just the fragrance. I don't like this at all, and my customers agree that it smells nothing like Chai Tea. I will not purchase this FO again.

Very christmas-y

I was looking for a true chai scent, but this is much more like a Christmas scent, like a wassail. It is missing all the Indian spices that I expect from a chai. It's not bad, just not really chai.

Where's the chai?

On my cp this ended up being very sweet and the spiciness of chai didn't come through at all. I've waited over a month for it to cure and no change. Disappointing. People arm to like it for what it is, but I'm just calling it sweet vanilla.

Kay Raykiewicz
So Lovely!

I personally didn't think I was going to like this one because I'm generally not a sweets person. And OOTB I was just eh for me. However, I made three batches of chai tea bars for fall and once they were cut, oh my do they smell amazing! The scent is strong, warm and spicy. The sweet scent fell away and it's just a lovely black tea and cinnamon scent, which I really like. This one did accelerate just a tad for me, but I do put shea butter in my recipe. I was still able to get some fabulous layers with it and a top swirl. Awesome fall scent! I'm sure my customers will love it.

Soothing scent

This is a very soothing tea scent, like a cup of very lightly spiced chai with milk. Chai tea itself comes in many blends, some of which are very heavy on the peppery pungent spices, but this FO is not pungent and peppery at all. It's smooth. I didn't find it to be like Earl Grey tea, meaning I don't smell heavy bergamot notes--those citrus notes blend in perfectly to make this FO what it is. I made CP soap with just this FO and ground black tea for exfoliation--it discolored a beautiful light brown with the black tea speckled throughout with a light milky chai scent. I sold every bar. It's one of my favorite FOs and very unique, and I agree, it would be a great blender with other FOs as well.