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  • Chocolate Espresso Cybilla Fragrance Oil

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Chocolate Espresso: Enjoy the scent of rich chocolate paired with freshly brewed espresso. All of the wow with none of the guilt. Totally decadent in body balms and lotions. Does discolor in soap.

This fragrance is phthalate free.

Vanilla Content: 9.2%

Flashpoint: 200ºF +

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Verified Purchase
by Charlotte
on 7/1/2015
This fragrance is amazing! It smells like rich, gooey chocolate! I do think it smells like a tootsie roll, but that's only because tootsie rolls smell like chocolate! I'm not sure if people just aren't aware, but in baking, you often add coffee or espresso to chocolate products to enhance the chocolate flavor and aroma. You don't taste or smell the coffee, it just makes the chocolate scent richer. So I didn't expect to actually smell coffee. This is the richest, most decadent scent ever, hands down!
Verified Purchase
by Rachel
on 6/18/2015
Customers Love Them!
My customers have loved this scent.
Verified Purchase
by Giselle
on 3/17/2015
Scent smells DELICIOUS
I absolutely love this FO. I do agree with other reviewers that the chocolate overpowers the espresso. I've had their espresso FO and I would say this leans more towards chocolate than espresso, but still a very good scent. However the espresso tones are there which gives the chocolate a richer full bodied scent. I use this to scent my "chocolate mini heart" bath bomb fizzies as bases for cupcake fizzie bath bombs. Hoping to try it out in CPOP soap this weekend with my almond cybilla as the "foam". We'll see how this goes.
Verified Purchase
by Thora
on 3/8/2015
Strong and fudgy; no coffee
I agree with the reviewer whose daughter named this "Tootsie Roll" -- it's pleasant enough, but smells like a chocolate-based candy, not so much chocolate itself. And I couldn't detect any espresso at all. I added a lot of coffee grounds, the smell of which was immediately overwhelmed by the chocolate; the same happened with orange EO that I added. I made small heart-shaped M&P soaps for Valentine's Day with the Goat's Milk M&P base, and added a lot of cocoa powder before I realized the FO would turn the base brown by itself (oh well! Now it's got the ingredients for an orange-scented latte, even if it doesn't smell like one). No troubles at all working with it, though I'm a novice. The scent is very strong and edible-smelling. One of my friends labeled hers "SOAP" with a marker so that her husband wouldn't eat it. Once again: nice behavior, nice robust fudgy smell. But no coffee. Will add Espresso FO next time!
Verified Purchase
by Sharon
on 2/25/2015
Cloyingly Sweet
My daughter aptly named this scent - Tootsie Roll! In CPOP, I used 1.20 oz for a 2 pound recipe which produced a strongly scented batch. I detect no espresso fragrance, only a strong Toosie Roll-like chocolate fragrance. I plan on trying the Espresso or Turkish Mocha fragrance next time as I am hoping for more coffee aroma in the finished product. Feb. 25 - I am having to change my review. This fragrance has become my favorite. Bathing with this soap is a totally decadent experience - like bathing in liquid chocolate.
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