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Just Fine

I was VERY hesitant to order this after reading the negative reviews but, I was out of cocoa butter and didn't want multiple orders so took a chance and threw it in. It isn't the chunky stuff I've had in the past, but it definitely smells like cocoa butter to me (and my husband) and will work just fine. I make mica lip gloss and like the chocolatey cocoa butter smell. In soap, it makes no difference as the fragrance covers it. If you ever got the chunky back, I would prefer it, but this is just fine.

Arice Miranda
Cocoa Butter Pellets

I have been putting off writing this. I saw that others had the same complaint and nothing has changed. There are quite a few BB products that have gone down hill in the past couple of years,but these pellets actually have me buying my ingredients from other suppliers now. I even had complaints from my customers who loved the natural cocoa smell in the unscented lotion and Cremeplexion face creme I make who say they miss the smell. I had to explain to them how the product was changed by the supplier and I would not get it again. I'm even paying more in shipping to go elsewhere and get my ingredients due to not just the pellet issue,but fragrance oils not smelling the same when they are reordered, the 25 lbs. of glycerin soap base being of poor quality and leaking all over my soaps (yes I know glycerin soap attracts moisture and beads up,but I ordered it from another source and had no issues like that). It's a real shame, I used to love shopping with BB...

Refined...Very refined!!!

I should've listened to the others who complained about this new form of cocoa butter!!! Very misleading by your description. NO mild cocoa smell at all!!! Actually smells like plastic. There is no way this product would have the health benefits like the older version. I'd rather shave and cut the REAL stuff. Seeing how I only need a pound at a time and that lasts me a while, unfortunately I will be buying my cocoa butter else where's :(

Love the Pellets

I have made lotions in creamy form and solid form using this cocoa butter and have not had any problems at all. It produces a soft yet firm product! I do like that there is little to no scent because I can add my own essential oils to my product. This melts down nicely too and blends well with other butters. Keep this one Bramble Berry Love this Product!

Bring Back the old version please

When I first ordered this I noticed the smell was not as intense as your previous block-version. At the time your customer service person addressed my concerns and told me it should have the same scent. After using it many times, it really does not have the same smell. Once made into soap, it has no smell at all. You already have deoderized cocoa butter, please bring back the old, fully-scented version. I'm not a large enough company to get it in bulk. I would love to see it come back by the pound. Pretty, please <3