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My Favorite!

I love this scent! Is it safe to use in candles or wax melts?

Coconut lemongrass "Amazing"

This fragrance is amazing. Our customers love this so much we can't keep it on stock fast enough. It's a keeper.

Mostly Lemongrass

While I love the scent of lemongrass, I really hoped the coconut would stand out more in this fragrance. I just can't detect anything but straight lemongrass in which case, it just makes sense to use the EO. I've made two full batches of soap with this FO, one with coconut milk, and although it's manageable, I don't like the way this FO performs in CP. My coconut milk soap looked amazing until the end of cure when the white in the soap turned a dirty, yellowy tan. That batch became family/friend gifts. It does smell amazing but if one is looking for a hint of coconut, I couldn't detect it in this one.

Stephanie M
Loved by all

This is a great unisex scent. I have made soap and bath bombs using this fragrance. There isn't a lot of the coconut smell and after the soap cured it was even less noticeable. While not one of my favorite smells my family does really like it.

One of my favs

I love the lemongrass and the coconut just adds a little sweetness to it. I love this for my sugar scrubs and cp soap. Did not accelerate and colored the soap a beautiful cream color! Going to try mixing with other scents as well.