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I have used this in CP, emulsified scrubs and lotion and it adds a luxurious texture and leaves the skin feeling great! The first time I used this in CP I accidentally used too much but it turned out awesome! It did have a bit of a texture to the bar (I added an ounce to ~ 2 lbs) but it is only noticeable to me. All you need is about 1/2 TBS (per lb.) to get an impact. I highly recommend adding this to CP, lotion and any bath products.


OK. I made oatmeal soap once and when the soap gets down to the tiny bits, it really just ends up feeling like granola (ouch) but not with this product. This dissolves when dispersed in water and completely disappears in the soap. You get all the benefits of oatmeal and no surface wounds when you use your soap.

Stephanie M
Super Smooth

I love this colloidal oatmeal. I like to experiment with soap recipies and recently added this to my normal recipe. I was very impressed! It was very soft and the finished soap was great on my skin. I like it so much I've decided to make it a permanent addition to my standard CP recipe.

OMG!!!! Lol

add some of this to your lotions ... it is wonderful!!!!

loving the way it feels in soap

I have never bought soap from others until now. I loved that they used the colloidal oatmeal in the soaps and both bars where so wonderful to my skin. I just had to buy some colloidal oatmeal for my own soaps that I make ..It is so smooth and refreshing to the skin it will make you feel great all day long. thank you Jeri