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  • Cucumber Oak Fragrance Oil

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Cucumber Oak Fragrance Oil: This fragrance has a very balanced aroma that combines the notes of a woodsy musk and lemon with the clean sweetness of sliced cucumber.  The fresh scent would be a wonderful choice for both spring and summer projects.  Try using Cucumber Oak fragrance oil in leave-in conditioners or refreshing sugar scrubs. In cold process soap it accelerated trace very slightly and discolored to a pale yellow.

Vanilla Content: .4%

Flash Point: 200F +

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by Cheryl
on 7/1/2014
My favorite cucumber scent
It's so nice to have a cucumber scent that's fresh and not fruity. But my! It does move fast and I had to abort my original design. I have no idea what to expect when I cut this one. I wound up layering white, blue and green ... thank goodness nautical is the fashion these days.
by Lidiya
on 6/24/2014
I recommend to all soapers to try this fragrance oil because it is just amazing! I have never felt better cucumber scent than from my m&p soap with this FO. If you like fresh, clean scents then this one is definitely for you. Next time I will order more than 8oz. Thanks BrambleBerry and please keep this one in stock forever :)
by Bindu
on 6/18/2014
Really fresh
I thought this was just kind of pleasant OOB and when sniffing the tester soap I made with my free sample, but it really came into its own in the shower. One of those clean, clean scents that wakes you up and makes you happy as you start your day. Starts of oak-ey and then you get the green of the cumumber, good balance of both. Good unisex fragrance. Highly recommend. Don't write this one off without actually using it, get a free sample with your next order and use it in the bath.
by Krista
on 5/16/2014
Excellent Scent But Move Fast!
A friend of my husband's recently read that the scent of cucumber on men attracts women, lol. So he asked if I could make something cucumber but manly. I thought I was going to have to blend fruity cucumber with something earthy until I found this. The scent is definitely outdoors, slightly woody with a sweet undertone of cucumber. It's SO good! I think this will be a good scent for men and women. It did accelerate but luckily I planned an in-the-pot swirl so it worked out. I did a 3 color swirl and it was just enough time to divide, color, swirl and pour. As I did brown and green with the light yellow I'll probably end up with camo looking soap which my husband and all his hunting friends will love :) Great job on this one, BB!
by Elizabeth
on 4/12/2014
Remember this accelerates!
Love the scent and will definitely get this again, but would remind people to take heed of the acceleration note! I forgot, and tried using squeeze bottles to add the center color for a mantra swirl. Not pretty things happened. Of my 6 lb batch, I only got about 3 lbs poured... and the rest is mostly in the squeeze bottles. If you are doing anything remotely complex, make sure you are using funnel-pour cups and don't add the fragrance until right at the last moment.
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