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Chocolate Mint Melt & Pour

  • Fir Needle

    Fir Needle EO This essential oil is a classic pine scent perfect in liniments, soaps, candles or sachets. Bring the outdoors in with this fresh evergreen scent which comes all the way from Siberia.
  • Green Tea Seed Oil

    Green Tea Seed Oil Said to be a natural skin nourishing oil, Green Tea Seed Oil is cold pressed and non-greasy, making it a great choice for lotions, creams and hair care products. Try it and you'll love it.

  • Mini-Mixer

    Mini-Mixer With attachments to beat, blend, mix, or whip, this simple tool is an invaluable addition to a soaping toolbox. It is just right for mixing colorants, so tool up with this tiny powerhouse.

  • Jasmine Jojoba Beads

    Jasmine Jojoba Beads At 250-600 microns, these vivid purple Jojoba beads are a bit smaller than our standard colored beads. Add this beautiful exfoliant to your products for a nice, scrubby touch.
  • How Much Fragrance?

    Not sure how much Cranberry Fig fragrance oil to put in your soap? Wondering how much lemongrass essential oil would give a light scent in your lotion? You don't have to guess! Use our fragrance calculator

  • How to Place an Order

    We've upgraded our website and we think it's much easier to use - not to mention prettier! To help you out, Anne-Marie has created a helpful tutorial that shows you how to place an order.

  • Looking for a Deal?

    Be sure to visit our web specials page. Every month we offer a selection of fragrances, molds, and ingredients at a substantial discount.

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