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Bramble Berry® Soap Making Supplies offers an extensive selection of soap & toiletry making products for everyone from the weekend hobbyist up to high-volume professional soap makers.

Save the Honey Bee Melt & Pour

  • Winter Gardenia

    Winter Gardenia FO The holidays will be on us before we know it. With both refreshing and floral fragrances as well as a hint of sweetness and of mint, our new Winter Gardenia fragrance oil is an excellent choice for your holiday projects.
  • Exfoliant Sampler

    Fresh Face Sale This is a great way to try our different exfoliants. From fine exfoliants like bamboo extract to the heavier strawberry or cranberry seeds, these make delightful additions to a variety of projects.

  • Bamboo Leaves Tray Mold

    Bamboo Leaves Tray Mold This mold yields a solid slab of soap sectioned into 6 elegantly patterned bars. Keep these as simple as you want or use different layers of melt & pour to produce a more elaborate soap.

  • Rosemary Essential Oil

    Rosemary EO This essential oil is said to be stimulating in nature and also makes a good component in decongestant blends due to its high Camphor content. Make yourself aware of some of the restrictions for this essential oil, but it is edible and lip balm safe.

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