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Brilliant color but stains laundry

I love this product's color very much, but I'm only rating it 2 stars because it stained my white wash cloths pink, and even a full cycle in hot water WITH bleach and Tide stain remover didn't remove the pink from them. :( The soap itself is super and I love the way it makes my skin feel (CP recipe) but it has been downgraded to hand-soap only because it stains everything. I have several other colorants from BB and have had no issues with any others until I used this colorant.

Stephanie M
Very Bright Pink

If you're looking for a bright vibrant pink this is it! I've used this in several batches of CP and I love how they each turned out. Sometimes it can be a bit too bright to go with my other colors so I added titanium dioxide and it toned it down while still keeping a great pink color.

Amazing Pink

This is such a fun pink. I love the vibrance of the color. Worked great in CP soap.

The perfect "girly-girl" pink

Very easy to use in CP soap when mixed with oil, doesn't clump or bleed into your other colors, (even white). It has become my go-to bright pink colorant.

Need Help! Newbie :)

I do not have liquid glycerin, I'm not sure I know what it is? I poured a very small amount of the melted clear base into a glass cup and then added about 1/16 amount of the electric pink to it, and it did not mix very good, little dots of it all throughout so then I tried the alcohol trick that Ann Marie showed on one of her video with a capful of alcohol and the pink pigment same amount, that did not work either. So I tried another 1/16 in about 1 teaspoon water and it did better but still not that greatest. I had to really whip it a lot when I added it to my 1lb melt and pour, and when I did it kept getting lighter and lighter, I wanted it to be deep neon pink. What am I doing wrong? I thought I had bought everything I needed, is this liquid glycerin the only thing to help it break up and dissolve? Thanks Josie