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  • Espresso Fragrance Oil

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Espresso Fragrance Oil: This comforting and familiar scent smells just like that good ol' cup a Joe. The fragrance entices the senses with opening notes of bitter-sweet chocolate, coconut, and almond. Middle notes of honey and caramel while finishing off with notes of roasted coffee bean and burnt sugar. This fragrance is a great addition to any coffee themed project. Espresso fragrance is more of a traditional coffee scent when compared with our more chocolate-like coffee fragrance Turkish Mocha. To add an extra level of coffee goodness to your products check out our luxurious coffee butter

This fragrance smells best after it has 'aged' and been exposed to air, whether that is curing in a bar of soap or just being left out. Over time it becomes deeper and sweeter. So if you don't love it at first sniff, give it a week and try again!

Performance In Cold Process Soap: This fragrance does not accelerate but does discolor to a medium brown color in cold process soap. It holds up very nicely.


Flashpoint: 200ºF+

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by Robin
on 2/26/2015
Espresso Sample
Got the sample in my order. Simply wonderful! The longer I smell it the better it gets. I just ordered it and will be making cp soap when it arrives. I will keep you posted when I figure out the colors. Thinking of Brown oxide with dab of Black oxide to get a nice dark swirl and of course some finely ground coffee beans! Spring Creek Naturals Soap Co.
by Christi
on 2/24/2015
SO disappointed...
I could smell this FO the moment I opened my much anticipated Brambleberry shipment. I am new to soap making and have made Brambleberry my GO TO place for supplies. Since I have all the oils I need, I ordered several fragrance oils. The Espresso FO was a sample I received. I was very excited since I LOOOOVE coffee. This FO smells like burnt coffee. I was heartbroken. I did read on the description that it "ages" better. I put two drops on a cotton ball and left it on the counter. Now my kitchen smells like burnt coffee. yay...*sigh* I am ordering again today (more goodies!) Hopefully, they aren't using the same sample.

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Christi!  I'm sorry this fragrance wasn't your favorite.  We love the rich, sweet coffee scent once our Espresso Fragrance Oil has aged properly.  We found it took two weeks with the cap off for the burnt smell to dissipate while the scent also sweetened up.  Though, if you're using this fragrance in cold process soap it does not need to be aged as the reaction with the lye will blow off the burnt smell and leave you with only wonderful roasted coffee beans, as demonstrated in our Espresso Shot Cold Process Tutorial.  I will email you personally to discuss this further.  

by BJ
on 2/24/2015
Coffee soap??
I love the smell out of the bottle, and we all love a coffe aroma, but can someone tell me what it's like to walk around smelling like coffee? New to me...
by Kristie
on 2/23/2015
Espresso Frangrance
OMG I received a sampler with my order and the espresso smells wonderful. My daughter in laws are already fighting over who gets the first batch of soap made with this fragrance.
by Joshua
on 2/20/2015
I got a sample of this fragrance oil in my order and I almost fell when I opened the bottle and smelled it! IT SMELLS DIVINE, I CAN'T EVEN EXPLAIN IT! I love the tones of vanilla that it has and smells like genuine coffee with no weird smells in between. I used the sample in a small batch of bubble bath bombs and I expected the oil to maybe discolor my mixture a bit, which i kinda wanted because I wanted them to be a mocha kinda color, but the oil didn't discolor at all! My mixture stayed stark white, which is okay! This smell is STILL on the skin of my hands from when I tested the leftover powder. The scent is still amazing hours after making the bombs! DEFINITELY will be purchasing some of this scent!
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