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  • Espresso Fragrance Oil

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Espresso Fragrance Oil: This comforting and familiar scent smells just like that good ol' cup a Joe. The fragrance entices the senses with opening notes of bitter-sweet chocolate, coconut, and almond. Middle notes of honey and caramel while finishing off with notes of roasted coffee bean and burnt sugar. This fragrance is a great addition to any coffee themed project. Espresso fragrance is more of a traditional coffee scent when compared with our more chocolate-like coffee fragrance Turkish Mocha. To add an extra level of coffee goodness to your products check out our luxurious coffee butter!  This fragrance holds up well in cold process soap.

Preformance In Cold Process Soap: This fragrance does not accelerate but does dicolor to a medium brown color in cold process soap.

Flashpoint: 200ºF+


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by Jennifer
on 11/9/2014
Amazing scent! (Cold process)
Smells just like a coffee bean! Amazing scent and wonderful in CP. I never realized how nice the smell of coffee would be on the shower until I tried it. Hello day! This performed wonderfully on CP and CPOP. No acceleration or ricing noticed. I did add actual coffee to a few of the recipes and one without coffee, all were fantastic. Great for sink soap to get the garlic smells off, great for an extra wake-up call in the morning shower.
by Rachel
on 10/28/2014
I paired this 50/50 with the Turkish Mocha FO sold from BB also. It is heavenly! Every time I walk by the curing rack, I grab a bar and take a big whiff. It's just so good. I used a different coffee fragrance last year and this is 10 times better! Discolored to a dark chocolate. I left a little soap unscented and added TD, made a beautiful swirl. No acceleration on this. Just pure yummy smelling. I have no doubt this will sell out this winter. Oddly enough, I really disliked it out of the bottle. Had a burned coffee smell, after soaping though, so so good.
by Emily
on 10/26/2014
This is an amazing fragrance oil! I was happy with the scent out of the bottle, but blown away after putting it in CP soap. After 1 week of curing it has changed a bit and become more complicated. All of a sudden notes of caramel and sweetness are there, but they aren't overpowering the smell of good strong coffee. I'm very impressed. Please don't ever change this fragrance!
by Shawn
on 9/19/2014
WOW! I loved this. In fact I kept going back to the bottle just to sniff it! This scent reminds me of being in the middle of my favorite coffee house. I used this when I rebatched my soaping scraps. Wish I had used more than I did though, as the scent did not cover all of the scents from my scraps like I had hoped. I can't wait to try it by itself to see how it behaves in my soaps while it is standing alone.
by Keisy
on 8/1/2014
So happy I purchased
I could smell this FO from the moment I ripped the tape of the cap! It is so strong my daughter who happened to be walking by my office identified the scent. My youngest thought I was actually having coffee. Can't wait to rebatch my coffee soap which has been sitting on my back shelf (refused to sell it as it didn't really smell like coffee). This scent will do perfectly for that batch.
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