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  • Gardenia Fragrance Oil

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Gardenia – This fragrance is back after a hiatus to reformulate it to meet current soap and lotion standards; with a main single note of Gardenia, this fragrance does have just a hint of rose and tender orchid to accentuate the Gardenia and make it just a bit deeper and more complex. This fragrance does accelerate trace in cold process soap.

Try this fragrance blend using Gardenia and Patchouli.

This fragrance contains phthalates.

Flashpoint: 200ºF +

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by Laura
on 5/4/2015
Plan Ahead.
Great fragrance. A little goes a long way. I only used 2 teaspoons of fragrance to 1lb of oils - could have used a little less - and it smells divine! I planned ahead and had everything lined up and ready for success (and possible disaster). I soaped at room temperature with this one and added a little of this FO into my oils before adding the lye solution, the rest at emulsification and blended until a very light trace. Although you have to work a little faster than usual with Gardenia, I had enough time to pour the soap batter into my moulds without issue and have a nice smooth top. *edit* Just blended with Champagne FO with a ratio of 1:1 for some shampoo (sorry I can't tell you about clarity because my shampoo is always opaque anyway) and OMG! So delicious! I can't wait to use this fragrance blend again!
by Jennifer
on 3/5/2015
WOW it takes me to the Islands
I used this in my whipped body butter and believe me a little goes a long way. I made 12oz and used 2ml and next time I will use a bit less but it is the most wonderful scent I have tested so far.
on 1/13/2015
Floral summer scent
This is my personal favorite scent! This smell is why I learned how to make cp soap. I made a loaf of cp soap scented with this (my first) one and a half years ago. I saved a few of the bars to have as a reminder. Every now and then I smell it. It still has a Gardenia scent. It doesn't discolor the soap but it certainly does accelerate fast!
by Kelly
on 1/3/2015
Moves fast but smells great
This fragrance moves incredibly fast. I was able to work with the acceleration, but I also planned carefully to make sure I wouldn't end up with soap on a stick. Even so, in the 10 seconds or so it took me to pour the soap batter into the mold, it changed from a very thin trace to a very thick trace. Don't try anything fancy and you should be ok. The scent is fabulous and I can't wait to try a bar after it cures.
by Donna
on 12/11/2014
One of My Best Sellers!
This is one of the fragrances that people comment on the most at the events I've done. They love it and it's one of my best sellers! It IS a bit overpowering, mellows out some after curing. Great for those who like stronger floral scents ... I love it too!
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