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  • Gardenia Fragrance Oil

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Gardenia – This fragrance is back after a hiatus to reformulate it to meet current soap and lotion standards; with a main single note of Gardenia, this fragrance does have just a hint of rose and tender orchid to accentuate the Gardenia and make it just a bit deeper and more complex. This fragrance does accelerate trace in cold process soap.

Try this fragrance blend using Gardenia and Patchouli.

This fragrance is phthalate free.

Flashpoint: 200ºF +

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by Casey
on 10/18/2015
Not like the gardenia I'm used to
This is not a bad fragrance. The gardenia FOs from Brambleberry and Cybilla both smell the same, but they're not like the fresh gardenia flowers I remember from my days in Florida. To experiment, I mixed in a bit of bubblegum fragrance in my melt-n-pour, and the result was the closest to real thing I've smelled since. I hope the scent artists at Brambleberry can experiment further to get it down perfect, but I thought I'd share my discovery towards the right direction.
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by Kelly
on 8/1/2015
This is my personal favorite fragrance. I always have a bar in the shower and in the bath and it lingers well on the skin. It's very strong, so for a strong scent I use less than your typical 1oz per pound. I've made reed diffusers, lotion bars and cp soap. Performs beautiful in all!
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by Jan
on 6/22/2015
Smells amazing
I make CP soap with this... and yes it moves fast. Just be ready. But my favorite is the lotion I make with it. I literally followed my daughter around in a department store when she put this on saying 'oh my gosh you smell so good!!" I don't love floral smells myself but WOW, this is amazing.
by Laura
on 5/4/2015
Plan Ahead.
Great fragrance. A little goes a long way. I only used 2 teaspoons of fragrance to 1lb of oils - could have used a little less - and it smells divine! I planned ahead and had everything lined up and ready for success (and possible disaster). I soaped at room temperature with this one and added a little of this FO into my oils before adding the lye solution, the rest at emulsification and blended until a very light trace. Although you have to work a little faster than usual with Gardenia, I had enough time to pour the soap batter into my moulds without issue and have a nice smooth top. *edit* Just blended with Champagne FO with a ratio of 1:1 for some shampoo (sorry I can't tell you about clarity because my shampoo is always opaque anyway) and OMG! So delicious! I can't wait to use this fragrance blend again!
by Jennifer
on 3/5/2015
WOW it takes me to the Islands
I used this in my whipped body butter and believe me a little goes a long way. I made 12oz and used 2ml and next time I will use a bit less but it is the most wonderful scent I have tested so far.
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