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I have purchased this oil numerous times and really love the sent, however the last bottle I purchased seemed very watered down. Is there a best time of year to buy essential oils when they might be at their peak? I am also finding this to be true with the spearmint and tea tree. Just curious, have you changed vendor?

love this lavender

can this essential oil be used in homemade baby powder, I have a customer who is a lavender fanatic and wants homemade talc free baby powder and I was wondering if I could use this essential oil

Love this Lavender!

I love, love, love this Lavender! Instead of the heavy oily scent left by some lavenders, Hungarian Lavender rounds out light and airy, sort of like walking by lavender in a field of green grass after a rain shower. This is not an overpowering flowery smell. In my CP soaps with lemon eucalyptus and tea tree scent comes through lightly. So far my favorite combo is Lavender, Tea Tree and Pure Honey--can't stop sniffing the light flowery, clean and sweet scent!

Wonderful VSOP

This is a rich, smooth, non-capphorus, non metallic, VSOP of a Lavender ESO. One of the nicest I have ever smelled and good value for the quality....I received this in a sampler set and really liked it. This is fine cologne quality, like in vintage 4711.

Good scent but quite weak

This is the first EO I've tried from BB that leaves me wanting more. I don't know if I just happened to get a bottle from a weaker batch, but I'm not sure I'll order this specific product again. The fragrance it gives off is very nice. I won't say it's my favorite lavender, but it does smell very good. But even in the bottle, it's weak--possibly even weaker than an almost empty bottle of lavender I've had for 3-4 years. Wondering if the scent might be enhanced after curing in CP soap, I gave it a try. My first attempt didn't go so well--I used a bit of neem oil in the batch, which completely overpowered the lavender. Thinking that maybe it would do better in a more neutral oil blend, I did a test batch with only olive oil, lard, and coconut oil... and it's still very weak despite using slightly more EO than recommended for a strong scent. That said, for facial creams, it is perfect. I prefer more mild scents when making lotions, so I'll probably use the rest of this bottle for that.