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  • Island Coconut Fragrance Oil

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Island Coconut: This is a straight and lovely coconut fragrance. It smells wonderful and is the perfect oil for one too many fruity scents or florals. Do you want to inspire your customers to think 'Sun, Sun, Sun!?' Then you need Island Coconut and they'll be dancing in the aisles (or at least thinking about sun tan lotion).

Vanilla Content: 2%

Discolors but stays clear in liquid soap.

Performance in Cold Process Soap: Scent is very faint in cold process soap. Will discolor brown.

As of October 2014, this fragrance was reformulated to be Phthalate Free!

Flashpoint: 200ºF +


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by Christi
on 3/12/2015
Not for CP soap-Fragrance morphs
Good for rebatch or MP though!!! I don't think this is a good fragrance for CP soap. Sadly,I haven't found a coconut yet that does work in Cp. I was planning for the discoloration-and it did. The brown is a warm, rich and beautiful brown. I pulled some of the batter out to color pink and added the fragrance to the part I WANTED brown. Then just swirled in trace amounts of pink. My soap turned out beautiful. I Just love the aesthetic design of the soap. However, there is NO trace of coconut fragrance. Since this was a test batch, I still have 1 ounce of my fragrance oil. I plan on rebatching the soap (since it will still be that beautiful brown) and adding the fragrance then. I will still purchase this fragrance oil since I DO love this smell. I think it is perfect for other uses, but not CP.

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Christi! I'm so glad you love the smell of our Island Coconut Fragrance Oil. Though, it definitely loses its sweeter notes when used in cold process soap. For a coconut scent that sticks in CP much better try our Coconut Cream Fragrance Oil.

by Steve
on 1/30/2015
Scent in CP soap smells horrible
If you are even remotely thinking of trying this FO in CP soap, RUN AWAY! Its ruined my soap. Smells like rancid koolaid and turned my soap brown due to the vanilla thats in it. Mainly my fault for not reading the reviews and that it contains vanilla but i just want to ensure that no one else wastes there hard earned money on this scent for there soap! Yucky!

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Steve!  I'm sorry this fragrance wasn't your favorite. We love the straight and heavenly coconut sent. It's also a bestseller of ours and is even in our top 20 selling fragrance oils! If you're looking for tropical fragrances you might like Coconut Cream Fragrance Oil, Mango Mango Fragrance Oil, or Pikake Flower Fragrance Oil.  

by Michelle
on 1/12/2015
Island Coconut
When I ordered this FO I requested a scent that smelled similar to tanning lotion for my CP soap. What I smelled in the bottle is nothing like what I ended up with. I have 8# of I don't know what to call it soap. The soap has a faintly odd scent.

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Michelle! I'm sorry this fragrance wasn't your favorite. We love the straight coconut scent. If you're looking for tropical scents, you may like Tropical Vacation Fragrance Oil, Papaya Coconut Fragrance Oil or Tropical Punch Fragrance Oil.

by Jeanette
on 11/30/2014
Love this!!
I purchased Island Coconut to use in a scrub and have also used this in bath truffles and in body butter..this scent goes very well with BB Lime!!! I have been asked multiple times now to make coconut lime bath truffles, scrubs and body butter! The combination of these two smells so good..I love making an order of these! Thanks again!
by Katrina
on 9/28/2014
Customers like it
It doesn't smell much like coconut to me and it was one of my most disappointing fragrances that I received in my last order. BUT, when I put it in my lotion customers seemed drawn to it. It sold very well! Overall, it is pretty good. I think it works best for fragrance blends and not as a one note fragrance. I mixed it with almond and orange and it brought everything together.
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