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Smells good

I think this blend holds up pretty good to the other lavenders. It sticks in my cold process soap well and gives me no trouble. I also use it in blends and sprays. No evidence to me that it doesn't work as well as the other lavender oils, so I'm pleased with it.

Still looking...

...I've been using this lavender for quite a while now and think I will have to try another. It's nice, but even at a high concentration, fades way to quickly in my CP soap. I will try once more with a purple brazilian clay as a colorant to see if the clay will hold onto the scent better but it'll be my last try! I also get a ton of soda ash with this, more than with any other EO or FO that I have used and this is with both gelled & CP soap. :(:(:(

Very Soothing and Helps with Pain!

This Lavender is awesome! Lavender Essential Oil is a Anti-inflammatory and helps with pain in the joints and muscle spasms. This Oil does wonders for the pain in my fused foot and ankle, it has cut the pain in half, I put this oil in my homemade Lotion and I can not say enough on how wonderful this works for me! My customers just LOVE this also I get many awesome reviews that Please do not stop using this oil, that it helps with their psoriasis. Please do not stop selling this Lavender Oil or I will be out of business! :)

First time BB Liquid Soap Base

As a liquid soap experiment, I used 16 oz. wt. of BB's Natural Castile Liquid Soap Base and .5 oz. wt. 40/42 BB Lavender added at 115F. It smells GREAT, but turned to a non-pourable, cloudy, paste. If I add water to get a "pumpable" liquid, will I loose the intensity of the Lavender? The second experiment was the same but used .5 oz. wt. BB Bay Rum. Again, it smells fantastic, but seems thinner than the original liquid base. If I add salt, will I need more Oils? I like the intensity level of the oils now - in both, but do not have a usable soap with either. A #3 rating may be a bit harsh, but I'm lost. If I can straighten this out I'd give the 40/42 a #5 rating.

Something is wrong with this oil... UPDATE from last review

After receiving another bottle of this lavender 40/42 I'm still certain that my original bottle didn't quite smell right. But the second was much better, it was a little stronger and not so funky. I still don't think it's the best, since I have still gotten the 40/42 that smelled more lavendery than this elsewhere. But if your looking for a basic lavender I'd say go for it. But if you are looking for a true strong lavender, then go with a better grade.