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A Happy Experiment

I got this FO as a sample a while ago, and truthfully, it sat because I prefer to soap with EO. FOs tend to make me itchy and stuffed up. I decided to make a batch of cocoa butter soap scented with Lavender and Cinnamon Leaf for Christmas and ran out of Lavender EO. In a pinch, I supplemented with about a tablespoon of the Lavender and Cedar FO in a 40 oz CP Soap batch with about an ounce of EOs that I had premixed. I was skeptical because out of the bottle the FO smelled a bit perfumey! The soap has been cut and fully cured, and I have to say, I love the blend! It is warm and clean and perfect for a Unisex scent. Thank you, and I will probably try other FOs now too!

Love, Love, Love It!!

This is an absolutely amazing fragrance oil (that smells so realistic one would swear it is an EO blend!). I have used it in both CP and HP as well as lotion - candles are next :) If I were to describe this scent, it is herb-y like lavender, woodsy like cedar, and camphorous like it contains eucalyptus, as well. I have to agree with another person who stated that this oil is very spa-like. I label my products as 'Stress Relief' because of the aromatic properties and the effects it tends to have on all who smell it - but I also think it could be paired with a sinus relief bath tea for winter relief.

Love it

I don't enjoy the smell of lavender but with the cedar this is a very pleasant smell to me. I have sold through three batches of this soap immediately. Apparently everyone else likes it too!!!


To me this is a very relaxing and spa like fragrance. Much like Rosemary and Eucalyptus. Love this. I made the Sea Clay dye for. I just ordered a large bottle of this. Worked great in CP, no color change or ricing. No acceleration at all. I do work at lower temps, Lye 95 oils 105. Will buy again. Update, This bar flew off the shelves this weekend, only wish I had made more bars.

Not Labeled FRAGRANCE OIL on front

The bottle should be labeled as FRAGRANCE OIL on the front next to the Lavender/Cedar label so people can clearly see it's a fragrance oil. For someone with chemical sensitivity thinking it's an essential oil (versus a fragrance oil) could send them to the hospital!