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Green Tea Lavender

Both my husband I LOVE this fragrance! Clean smelling, no discoloration, no acceleration and stayed true in my cp soap. I just ordered more!

No likey.

I wanted to love this one. It was sketchy OOB, but you can never tell what the final product will smell like. It behaved wonderfully in my soap, and the soap itself is gorgeous. However, I dislike the scent so much that I have it curing in a closet under the staircase where we keep seldom used things, so that I don't have to smell it. It kind of makes me a little nauseous. I would rate the scent itself lower, but it really was trouble free to work with, so that would be unfair. Fragrance is such a subjective thing, and this one is REALLY not for me.

Great Light Scent

I was looking for something light and clean and loved this. I use it in CP soap, lotion, bath bombs, and sugar scrubs. The one thing I have noticed is that when added to soap, it takes forever to trace or thicken. This definitely works to my advantage since I can use it for salt bars or swirls. I also noticed that when used in my lotion, the lotion seems thinner or has separated. I have still been able to work with it though and people love it.

Cathie H
Hard to describe this scent

but it is wonderful!! Great, easy to work with in CP. I didn't notice any discoloration, but I colored the soap a nice green with a very slight swirl of brown. It really doesn't smell like anything I can name, but I sure do like it!! I got it as a sample a couple days ago & it's already on my wish list. Will definitely use this again!!

Powerhouse with a genteel attittude

As others have said, this clean fragrance has a beautiful balance of lavender and tea. I can smell both scents without any artificial "old lady" notes. (Yay!) That said, it was loved by my older testers but not by my younger ones. In CP soap, the fragrance has remained very strong throughout cure time. If you're not sure about this out of the bottle, or even immediately after use, you'll be pleasantly surprised as it cures.