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  • Lemon Eucalyptus Essential Oil

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Lemon Eucalyptus Essential Oil: The aroma has a strong camphoric bottom note with a refreshing lemony top note similar to citronella. Lemon eucalyptus essential oil is an ingredient that's key to some of today's leading brand natural insect repellents.  It's a wonderful alternative for those wanting to avoid insect repellent that uses the chemical DEET.  The EPA has registered lemon eucalyptus essential oil to be safe and as effective as low concentrations of DEET.  The EPA also states that this essential oil can repel those nasty little critters for up to 6 hours.  Suggested usage rate is 30-40% in sprayable applications.  It's also used in aroma therapy applications for it's relaxing qualities.  It can be added to lotions, soaps, or facial cleansers.  The aroma pairs well with wood or citrus essential oils.

Distillation method: Steam Distillation

Country of origin: China

Botanical name: Eucalyptus Citriodoria

Part: Leaves

Photosensitizer: No

Flash Point: This low-flashpoint fragrance (118ºF) will ship Ground Only, regardless of the shipping method you choose at checkout. It cannot ship outside the lower 48 U.S. states or USPS.

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Verified Purchase
by Phyllis
on 11/17/2015
Lemon Eucalyptus
I tried this essential oil in a batch of cold process soap. It doesn't smell like either lemon or eucalyptus but has a very, very strong flowery scent. Hopefully, as the soap goes through its process over the next several weeks, the scent will become less a bit more subtle.
Verified Purchase
by Beth
on 5/26/2015
Mixed feelings
This oil is okay. It behaves well, gives off a distinct and strong scent, and it doesn't fade after curing. I'm just not a huge fan of the scent personally. It smells like bug spray to me, or floor cleaner. Tip: Don't mix both camphorous AND citrus scents with this at the same time because it might make the bug spray-ish smell stronger--it's much better on its own or only mixed with one of the fragrance profiles if you decide you want to subdue that aspect. I did make a straight batch with this, and I gave out some of the bars to friends and family. Some really loved it and thought it smelled similar to lemongrass, and others just liked the novelty of having a soap bar that smells like insect repellent. Most people I've asked like it regardless of what they think it smells like, so I may be in the minority in being on the fence.
Verified Purchase
by Cid
on 4/22/2015
Super clean
I have strong happy associations with the smell of Murphy's Oil Soap, so I made CP soap with this. I also tried two other blends - one with sweet basil EO and another with geranium - in soap. The basil blend is very fresh and lively. I liked it so much that I'll try Lemon Eucalyptus with other cooking-herb essential oils.
Verified Purchase
by Rachel
on 3/21/2015
Smells like ....
This smells just like Murphy's Oil Soap. Hopefully it will be good for the bugs!

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Rachel! Our Lemon Eucalyptus Essential Oil definitely has a camphorous base note with a lemony top reminiscent of citronella. If you're looking for other herbal scents you may like Karma Essential Oil, Lemongrass Essential Oil, or Spearmint Essential Oil.

Verified Purchase
by Wanda
on 2/3/2014
Lemon Eucalyptus Oil
Just made a batch of cold press with this, with my own recipe, and it smells wonderful, It's covered up so now is the wait time. Did not do anything strange, easy to work with. thanks
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