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Love the Base; Container, Not so Much

Love this lip balm base and won't use anything else. I do not like the bag for the large size and wish it was in a bucket. Since many reviewers are saying the same thing, I think Brambleberry ought to listen. I do have a question: If I wanted to add one of Brambleberry's oil based extract or Vitamin E, how much could I add without compromising the base?

Don't like packaging

Bought a 16 oz, and I don't like the plastic bag it comes in. Would prefer a jar as shown on your site. It would be much more convenient to scoop any amount as you need it.

Simple to use

I bought this base again for a diy craft party. My guests loved the ease of melting the 16 oz bags in my microwave and mixing/pouring into lip balm tubes. I estimate that each tube costs me less than $1.00 to make (base, tube, and flavoring oil). I use the little measuring containers from pyrex (holds up to 2 oz. only) so I can make small batches by flavor and pour quickly without wax hardening too fast. Although I have re-heated base that hardens when you pour to top off my tubes and found no serious effects to balm. I wipe the containers with paper towel then hot water and soap- I find this the least messy way to clean the containers I melt the wax in. I also have used balm 1 year later and they still worked/smelled fine. I am never buying store lip balm again- best stuff.

Love it!

So far my absolute favorite lip balm base! Feels so silky on and it takes flavor and color very well! Will definitely be buying more!

Love Love Love this! BUT....

This product is outstanding but I put it in the short stubby clear push-up lip balm / lotion bar containers. (Looks gorgeous by the way) The BUT is this: the contents fall right out. The entire ball of wax (no pun intended). Is there a way to keep it from falling out? I really love this combination and would love tips on how to make this work. I poured 6 to test and all 6 have the same issues. 'must perfect this. It's too cute and too good to not give it another try.