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  • Lychee Red Tea Fragrance Oil

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Lychee Red Tea: Lychee is a popular fruit enjoyed extensively in Vietnam, China and Thailand. It is gaining in popularity in the US in food and we love it in this blend because of its intriguing exotic fruity sweet note. It has a subtle nuance of dew fruit and a unique finish that makes your mouth pucker and water at the same time. Mixed with Red Tea (also known as Rooibos), this blend finishes with the white florals of geranium and lily.

Please note: This fragrance will be discontinued due to slow sales once our supply runs out.

 Flashpoint: 200ºF +

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by Diana
on 4/15/2015
Are You Crazy!
This is simply divine. I have used in M&P Honey and M&P Goat Milk bases. I also used the "Handmade" mold for samples. Every customer that has received a sample bar of Lychee Red Tea has ordered this soap from me, within days. Hands down a favorite fragrance of mine and my customers! Do not discontinue this FO, Please and Thank you!
by Chana
on 4/9/2015
Please don't discontinue!
I love this fragrance, it is one of my staples. Use only in MP soap. Men and women alike always love it though they can't finger what the fragrance is. It becomes a game. Love this, please don't discontinue!
by Belinda
on 3/25/2015
This One's Mine!
I think this might be "my" fragrance. :) Its soft, juicy, energizing and refreshing. I buy a wonderful loose leaf tea and this fragrance tastes like that tea smells. Wonderful! I also hope it won't be discontinued...its that good. It doesn't discolor or accelerate, and my drying room smells heavenly!
by Angelique
on 3/3/2015
Not on the fence anymore
Out of bottle this scent smells great. In soap, I'm not that thrilled with it. It behaved, no accelleration or discoloring. The scent reminds me of rose and carnation mixed together. For some reason I smell the scent that you smell when getting a perm. lol Not sure why but that is the vision I got in my head. Took me back to Cosmetology school. I can't say I hate it but I won't be buying more. No surprise it is being discontinued. ********************editing 3-3-15********************** This bar has been curing almost a year and I need to edit my review. I must say this scent has really bloomed during the cure. I truly am in love with this scent now. I wish it was not being discontinued as it is a very unique awesome smelling fragrance in soap. Please reconsider this one Brambleberry.
by Rachelle
on 2/16/2015
I was just re-checking this page to brush up on Lychee Red Tea's soap behavior, and saw that it'll be discontinued! I hope not, but if it does, I hope I'm able to get more before it runs out! It smells divine -- I'm about to mix some with Southern Peach to make a "peach tea" soap!
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