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Wait!! Don't discontinue!!

I was looking for a highly rated scent that behaves well in cp soap. I came across this one, and on an impulse bought a bottle (mostly because of the discontinue notice. If this is a marketing ploy...well played, Brambleberry, well played...) :) I really like this in my cp soap. Pleasantly sweet, but with more depth than other fruity scents. I would definitely buy this again. So please don't discontinue!

Stockpiling Just in Case

I absolutely love this fragrance! There isn't even anything I can compare it to - it's sweet and a tad sour, but in a good way? Easily the most interesting scent I've worked with. I made melt-and-pour goat milk soap and soy candles (100% soy) and both worked very well. I'm going to order another large bottle ASAP!!

Love this!

I seriously LOVE this fragrance! I bought it so I could test it out and because it has no vanilla in it (yay for no discoloration!) I am definitely a fan of this one. It works like a charm and lovely for sure in CP, it will give you enough time to do any designs, no ricing, no acceleration. It smells fruity but yet not overpowerful. Definitely try this one! *please don't discontinue LOL!

Love the smell!

I hope you reconsider discontinuing this fragrance. I love this scent and how it blends! It did come with a broken lid, but the problem was easily taken care of and a replacement is being sent. Thank you!

Fruity Floral Heaven!

Oh my gosh! I have died and gone to fruity floral heaven! This Lychee scent is simply the most succulent, delectable, juicy fragrance you can imagine. In cp soap it performed very well and is strong at 0.65oz ppo. No discolouration. What more can you ask for? I went and bought a big bottle after I made my first batch of this. I just love it! Have we convinced you yet not to discontinue? :)