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Best Mango Butter I Have Tried

I have tried mango butter from other vendors and Brambleberry's is the best. It melts without much grittiness and comes in good size chunks so you don't have to cut it off a big block. Love this for the Mango Avocado Balmy salve I found on Soap queen. Recently I started putting some in my CP soaps and it's wonderful there too. The product has little scent, so there is no "funky smell" to have to cover up.

My Mango Butter

I only shop for the best quality possible. I thought to add mango butter to my recipe and I am thankful I did. The mango butter came in chunks which I wasn't sure that's how it always come but it's ok. It wasn't smelly, greasy or dry. It was perfect. I order a lot from bramble and I give this butter a 5! It does what its supose to and is perfect!

I'm going to marry mango butter.

I have been sticking to cocoa and shea in the butters department but on a whim, I ordered 1 lb and added it to my favorite lotion/cream recipe. WHOA! The difference that this butter made in my lotion was astonishing. I loved my recipe before but mango butter added a whole new level of luxury to it. No going back now. I'll never make lotion/cream/body butter without mango butter in the mix again! I did make two batches of CP soap with it also and it worked well but I'm not sure there was enough of an improvement in the quality of the soap to justify the cost. I'll know for sure after the cure and let you know. Thanks for the many wonderful products you sell, BB!

Stephanie M
Excellent quality!

This is by far my favorite mango butter out of the ones I've tried. Like others said it was a bit grainy when I first received it but it goes away in my final products. I've used it in CP soaps, bath melts, lotion bars and several others as well. It's very rich and moisturizing which I love. I also like that it doesn't have a strong smell. Mango is one of my favorite butters (along with BB Shea) and I've ordered it several times already and know I'll be back for more when I run out.

Mango Butter

Love this product! Super moisturizing!