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Mini heart mold

The first time I used theses I had a terrible leaking problem in 2 of the 3 I was filling. I kept having to scoop soap back into the top of the molds. I own many of these silicone imbed molds and this is the first real problem I have had. And it was coming out of the bottom, so no way to clip it closed tighter. The good news is the second time I used them ( with much trepidation I decided to try Vaseline around the seam to act as a gasket and it worked! So if you have a leaking one, this may be something to try.

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Perfect heart embeds for my soap loaf

This came out perfectly the first time I used it. I made a heart embed for my long soap loaf. It fit perfectly. No leaks, no mess, came out clean and easily. Wish I had purchased more.

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I see all the other 5 ratings and wonder how? Just got my mold yesterday and have been eagerly awaiting its arrival. I put it together, checked it three times, and held it in a tall glass vase I have just for this occasion. I melted some white m&p; colored, fragranced it, poured it. I poured and poured and poured. It was running out the bottom. Huge mess. This thing is the worst possible idea BB could ever hope to come up with. Truly disappointing. So much so, in fact, that I am looking for a way to return it and get my money back. Considering I waited 3 weeks for it, I am really upset. This is the worst! Never again, BB. I think we are through with this relationship.

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Great item

This mold held my cp soap without any leaks. The size is perfect and very cute. Happy with this item.

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Excellent mold!

I've used this mold several times now, and it is great! My recipe produces a fairly hard soap so I didn't use any sodium lactate and it still came out perfectly. I didn't use any rubber bands and instead carefully triple checked the interlocking seal. It works great! This mold is easy to use and wash up.