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Just the ticket

This little beauty is the perfect size. I mostly wanted the frother thingy but the others are all gravy. Haven't had it for long so I can't speak to longevity but the price is so good I won't squawk if it doesn't last three years, it doesn't have to. Thank BB.

Blender attachment will not stay in and falls out constantly

I don't know if it's the mini mixer itself or if I just got a dud, but the blender attachment piece falls out and will not attach properly. I can barely get it to blend. The other attachments go in nice and tight and stay there, but they are not the right tools for blending colors, etc. Waste of money. I have tried and tried to get this to work, and still the same problem. I can blend with it, but if I lift up at all, the attachment falls out. I suspect it would do a much better job if it would just stay in place.

Handy tool

Love this tool for mixing micas & pigments. It does the job well. I use the metal mixing disc but I imagine the other attachments would work as well.


Oh mini mixer, where have you been all of my life? Why did I wait so long to get this tool? Ordering a 2nd just in case something happens to the first so I'm never without! Fully disperses powdered colorants in oil!

Love it!!

This little thing really has some power to it! Wish the pieces went together better, but it is a great little tool for the price.