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Multi-Bar Cutter - Constructed of top grade Birch Plywood, our Multi-bar Cutter is our go to when we want uniform, 1 1/16 inch thick perfectly cut bars of soap. The Curved arm allows these cutters to accommodate nearly any length log and up to 3 1/2 inches high and 4 1/4 inches wide, even ROUND PVC molded logs! Each of the 11 wires is made from high quality piano wire (phosphorus spring coated tension wire) and have an adjustable tightening key. The cutting platform is made from solid PVC, so it's easy to clean. Each cutter is custom made and locally hand crafted here in Bellingham, Washington. Find replacement wires here.

 Dimensions: 16 1/4" (l) x 8" (h) x 10 1/2" (d)

How to Use a Multi-Bar Cutter from Soap Queen on Vimeo.


Tips & Tricks: 

  • Push the soap loaf all the way to the left so that each bar is evenly cut. Depending on the size of your loaf the end piece might be a little smaller or larger than the others.
  • If the soap has any fun stuff like lavender buds or salt on top of your soap loaf, you'll want to cut the soap with the "toppings" face down. Otherwise, the wires will pull and drag the toppings through the cuts and cause drag lines.
  • It is important to cut partially cured soap. Soft soap won't cut cleanly and your loaf may become disfigured. However, really hard soap is very difficult to cut through and can result in a broken wire (or two).
  • Once soap has been cut, leave cutter in "down" position to remove soap before lifting the handle back up.
  • Clean the individual wires after every loaf cut. Leftover bits may cause noticeable drag lines on the next loaf.
  • Have fun!



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Verified Purchase
by Jeanne
on 9/9/2015
Great Bar Cutter
The only thing I HATE about purchasing this is that I spent/wasted so much money buying other cutters. Had I purchased this in the beginning, I would have been ahead financially. I didn't want to spend so much money but if you are selling soaps, the individual cutters don't always give you the same sizes and I cannot cut straight. This way my bars are all the same size and my labels are consistent with the bars. More challenging to pull down if you do MP but still worth the cost. I tried to cut corners - but ended up wasting money. Tighten your wires before you cut the first time. It comes with them rather loose. Love this!
by Liliana
on 8/28/2015
I was so excited to receive the cutter my father bought for my little 12 year old soap maker. First the spacing board is made of painted rough wood so all the soap residue attaches to it and is hard to clean. The cutter came with two extra wires which I used in less than 2 hours after cutting because they were breaking. My daughter had done a couple of loafs of MP and I had to put real force for it to cut. I am most likely going to return the product and look elsewhere for a stronger cutter.

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Liliana! I'm sorry you were disappointed in this cutter. We love the Multi-Bar Cutter and uniform, professional looking bars of soap it helps us achieve. Though, because melt and pour is so much harder than cold process it can be a little more challenging to cut through the MP. It's also important the wires are not tightened too tight or they will more easily snap during cutting.

Verified Purchase
by Silvana
on 7/15/2015
A good decision
I love this cutter so much! Thank you, I got it about fifteen days ago and already cut all my soap loaves, in a breeze, I love to see all the bars same size and weight, now I'm sure of what I'm giving. For me it was a good decision to buy it. In fact I love all your products, thanks BB
Verified Purchase
by Connie
on 4/10/2015
So Far So Good
I have cut several bars with this cutter now and I am so pleased with the results. It is so easy to use and cuts rather large bars very nicely. Thank you Brambleberry!
Verified Purchase
by Cheryl
on 1/23/2015
Multi-cutter has a week point.
This is a great cutter but the front bar which holds the keys is attached in a week fashion. It is make with laminated plywood and is not screwed together properly to withstand the tension that is required to do the job. The one I received had screws off center. The plywood split and moved inward. Bramble Berries staff was kind but would not ask the manufacturer to fix the problem. My husband did take it apart and put it back together the way it should have been done in the first place. It works great now. I would recommend when you receive your cutter test it's strength as soon as you receive it or look for one that is built sturdier.

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Cheryl! I'm sorry this cutter wasn't your favorite. In our tests and recipes, we've found it cuts well. The screws and wires are also adjustable, as seen in the How to Use a Multi-Bar Soap Cutter Video. Our customer service team did email the manufacturer to let them know! I'll be emailing you to discuss this more.

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