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One of those wish I had done this sooner moments!

I pulled this cutter right out of the box and cut a log of round soap I had made. Why didn't I buy this sooner? I was done with a loaf in a second, all bars are uniform and I am done! For anyone who sees the price first, consider the time savings! Once again, Brambleberry, thank you. Good quality and so easy!


This is the first cutter I bought! I have searched high and low, compared other soap cutters, researched, researched, research and when I found this one on Brambleberry I knew it was the one I wanted. When I received it I opened it and couldn't be happier with the construction. This isn't a cheap piece of plastic, this isn't some cheap plywood cutter, this is a heavy duty cutter made with care and precision. It has saved me hours of cutting by hand. It weighs out my bars evenly. I love this and I love all Brambleberry products! Thank you Brambleberry and thank you for your superb customer service! :)

Fantastic Soap Cutter

Bought this at the Otion Store in Bellingham after drooling over this for a year. Absolutely love it! Slices nice & even. Especially like that the bars are a little more than 1". Exactly what I wanted & works better than I dreamed.

almost perfect!

The cutter works great and is very well made. My dilemma with it is that I use the 10" loaf mold and I used to get 10 hand cut 1" bars. Since this cuts 1-1/16th size bars I'm now getting 9 bars and an end sliver. I also can't fill the molds to the top because then the bars are too large to fit the shrink wrap bands. I'll have to look for a 12" mold, that may be the best solution. Even so, I'm glad I got it.

Great Bar Cutter

The only thing I HATE about purchasing this is that I spent/wasted so much money buying other cutters. Had I purchased this in the beginning, I would have been ahead financially. I didn't want to spend so much money but if you are selling soaps, the individual cutters don't always give you the same sizes and I cannot cut straight. This way my bars are all the same size and my labels are consistent with the bars. More challenging to pull down if you do MP but still worth the cost. I tried to cut corners - but ended up wasting money. Tighten your wires before you cut the first time. It comes with them rather loose. Love this!