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Clean Scent

I loved this scent! I think it has an invigorating clean awakening effect. Wonderful and had no problems with accelerating.

Never Ever Again

I am so done with this FO. I only tried it again because I have a customer that loves it and wanted 2 loaves. Next time, I will say, "NO". I feel like I should make this one with blue and green colors, like the ocean, but there is no time to do anything like that. I have had to throw away batches. To make it work, I have to make the layers as separate batches. I will try mixing the FO with oils as I have done with prior misbehaving FOs. What a pain in the butt! It's not worth it.

CP Review

I have soaped this fo many many times only because my customers love it. That being said it is such a pain in the rear I'm about to stop using it. It accelerates super fast and then it makes the soap grainy. At one time I was able to have a beautiful smooth soap but I had to baby it. The other issue I am having is that it gives me a headache now. I used to love the fo also but no longer. I hate making soap with this. I actually dread the day I have to make it because of my now chemical sensitivity to it. I was successful at scenting a 5 lb batch of soap with a mere 1.5 ounces of the fragrance, but still the soap almost seized on me. This fo is super super strong, a tiny bit goes a longggg way.

Great Scent

I used this to scent my salt bars I made. It did accelerate my already fast moving recipe but it was manageable enough I got a bit of a swirl in. When freshly unmolded there was a rather medicinal smell but a day later that has mellowed out and now there is a lovely, fresh and clean scent that I really like. The white parts of my soap are still incredibly white (with no additives). Overall a good scent that I would use again.

Smells more like a household cleaner

To be fair this is a clean, pleasant smell. Buyer beware however, this smells nothing like an ocean rain. I know the product description states this is not entirely an ocean scent, but I don't think there is anything ocean-like in this product at all. My husband and I both agreed after I used it in my first batch that it reminded us more of Pine-Sol than anything else. It's not a bad smelling batch of soap, but it is not at all what I wanted.