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  • Organic Lavender Essential Oil

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Organic Lavender Essential Oil: This Organic Lavender has a higher percentage of Camphor than our Hungarian Lavender, so it smells more earthy and herby and not very floral. This is consistent with the region that it's grown in. If you prefer a sweeter, more floral Lavender, I would try our Hungarian Lavender or Lavender 40/42. They both have less Camphor and more of the traditional Lavender chemotypes in it (linalool, sesquiterpenes, monoterpenes and linalyl acetate). The Lavandula family is compose of 39 different species so one lavender is not the same as the other (and of course, from year to year, one lavender from the same crop, the same field, the same grower, will also smell different due to temperature and climate variations).

This product is Organically grown, harvested and processed to USDA Organic standards.

Distillation Method: Steam
Country of Origin: Albania
Part: Flowering tops
Botanical Name: Lavandula Augustifolia

INCI: Organic Lavandula Augustifolia Essential Oil

Flashpoint: This medium-flashpoint oil (156ºF)  cannot ship via USPS regardless of the shipping method you choose at checkout.

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by JaRae (5LittleIndians)
on 3/21/2014
Best pure lavender scent I've tried!
I use this to make my Organic Insect Repellent sold at (small plug ha) I will say this works amazingly when paired with my other ingredients to fight off Mosquitos! I didn't want a "fake" sweet flower smelling lavender, I wanted the real deal and that's exactly what I received!
by t
on 1/28/2014
Organic Lavender EO
I bought this EO for use in body care products, one of which was lotion. While I love Lavender EO, I've found that I don't really care much for the scent of this one, since the camphor smell is very, very dominant in this oil. While the price is okay, it doesn't have much of the sweet, pleasant lavender smell that I'm used to (the smell is more medicinal than anything else), so I don't think I will be ordering this particular lavender again. However, in all fairness the current description does mention that the scent is not as floral (apparently I missed that bit, prior to ordering:).

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi there, if you’re looking for a sweeter lavender fragrance and would like to use essential oils, I would recommend trying the Lavender 40/42 Essential Oil. If you are open to using a fragrance oil, I would recommend the Lavender (Candle and Soap) Fragrance Oil. Thank you for your feedback on this product!

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