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Customer Testimonials

Customer service and satisfaction is top priority at Bramble Berry. Here are some comments from the many happy soap makers who purchase Bramble Berry products. Thank you all for your patronage!

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  • Love your site and can't wait to try out your products!!!

    Joyce 2/6/2010
  • Thank you so much for the free sample of Neroli fragrance oil.  It smells so good and will be an item I will purchase on my next order from your company.

    Cindy 2/6/2010
  • Wow! The shipping was lightning fast and the fragrance oils are amazing! I've been searching for an Earth Musk exactly like the one you carry. Archibald Sister in Olympia used to carry it, but have changed their formula. Yours is dead on. It's incredible. And I LOVE your sandalwood vanilla! I can't wait to try them both out in my CP soaps!

    Jennifer 2/5/2010
  • Oh man oh man!! I just got my order today, and the most wonderful scent was waiting for me-ENERGY!!! I love it!! It is the best FO I have ever smelled-I cannot wait to soap it!!! Thanks so much!! I have thrown away several bottles of fo because they stunk- not from Brambleberry- the ones I have ordered from you smell awesome!!

    Kathy 2/1/2010
  • Thank you so much for your quality fragrance oils!  I had been using a fragrance oil I bought on another site, and found that it seized my soap up in my pot.  I checked out your site and read your comments on the fragrance oils and was able to figure out which oils to buy for my CP soap; they worked wonderfully!  They didn't seize up and they smell fantastic.
    Thank you for testing the oils and letting your buyers know which ones work best in CP soap!

    Gail 1/26/2010
  • Hello, I am soooo happy I was told about your website!! I am just getting started in the soap making business and really found your website helpful in answering my questions. I look forward to your newsletter over here in Wisconsin!

    Barb 1/24/2010
  • You definitely HAVE the best quality in fragrance oils - the scent is great in cp soaps, and, what I really love is that one can always trust the descriptions - "lilac" smells like lilac and not like something else and if there is a note that there is a slight acceleration in cp soaps, there really will be only a slight acceleration.
    I really could't find a comparable quality and service in Europe so far!

    Karin 1/21/2010
  • "I must say after receiving my Soapy Love Delectable Desserts and Sweet Treats, I noticed a warning that needed to be listed. "Please do not use this product if you are on a diet or plan to start one as it is impossible to avoid sweets after smelling these heavenly fragrances." Needless to say, the products are AMAZING and my stomach is growling!!! So good, I had to remember that they will not taste as good as they smell. Thank you so much for a product that is as wonderful as it claims."

    Julie 1/19/2010