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  • Papaya Coconut Fragrance Oil

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Papaya Coconut: Take a tropical vacation with a Papaya Smoothie and Caribbean Coconut. Get lost in the fruity notes of White Nectarine, Mango Juice, Mandarin Balm and Yellow Starfruit. Vanilla Bean adds a sweet note that you can’t resist. Discolors to a light brown and does great in cold process. 

Vanilla Content: 2%

NOTE: This med-flashpoint oil (192ºF) cannot ship via USPS, regardless of the shipping method you choose at checkout. 

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by Ally
on 7/30/2014
Favorite FO
I took a chance on this FO based on other reviews and have not been disappointed. I use it mainly in my shampoos/conditioners and people's eyes roll back in their heads when they take a whiff of the tropical goodness. I've also used it in the SoapQueen tutorial for Himalayan salt scrub, and it smells heavenly.
by Gina
on 5/11/2014
Moves a Little Fast But Otherwise Lovely
I was a little afraid to try this because of the vanilla content and resulting discoloration, but it's not bad. I did a drop swirl, and the titanium dioxide is holding the white. The other colors are a little bit darker, but it still looks great, and the scent holds well. It did move a little quickly for me, but it wasn't unmanageable - just don't plan anything hugely elaborate. My drop swirl had four colors, and that was pushing it, but it came out awesome. Overall, a lovely fragrance and absolutely worth trying, especially given the less expensive price. I just bought the huge bottle and will repeat the exact same design I did before.
by Marja
on 4/30/2014
A dream in CP Soap
It's always a bit of a gamble purchasing a fragrance oil without sampling it first, but I cannot express how pleased I am with the Papaya Coconut. I am Jamaican born, and I love tropical foods and fragrances. Real papayas sometimes have a musky smell, but this frangrance oil caputured the pleasant notes. My hard-to-please and skeptical parents were absolutely floored when I presented them with some cp soap made with coconut milk for the liquid, pureed mango and papaya as one additive, and this amazing fragrance oil as another. They **LOVED** the soap, and I almost died of joy. Folks at Brambleberry, you have an outsanding star on your roster of frangrance oils. If I had any say in the matter, I would elect the Papaya Coconut fragrance oil for a 2014 MVP fragrance oil award! Thanks :)
by Cindi
on 4/15/2014
Smells wonderful!
I made CP soap with this scent a few days ago and it smells wonderful!! It worked wonderfully for coloring and did great in silicone and plastic molds. Can't wait for it to cure so I can use it :)
by AshMac
on 11/29/2013
A Surprising Favorite!
Didn't really know what to think about this one. I wanted that coconut suntan lotion smell, but this was not that at all, imho. Very buttery out of the bottle, but turns into a "milky" coconut smell. The papaya keeps it from being exactly what I was looking for, however, I LOVE it so much, and haven't had anyone say they didn't. Men think it smells fresh and pleasant. Women are wowed by the color swirl I was able to achieve. It was slow moving for me in CP soap, and it actually DID discolor a little on the orange side. Not DOS, but discolored evenly in white (tit. dioxide) soap. HOWEVER, I forgot to use distilled water in 3 different batches of soap (this being 1 of them), so my discolor notes are highly unreliable. None of the others discolored, but l'll try again w/ distilled water, because the scent is just fresh, nice, and intriguing. And even though I was looking for something different initially, I actually think think this is now my favorite BB FO!
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