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Papaya Coconut: Take a tropical vacation with a Papaya Smoothie and Caribbean Coconut. Get lost in the fruity notes of White Nectarine, Mango Juice, Mandarin Balm and Yellow Starfruit. Vanilla Bean adds a sweet note that you can’t resist. Discolors to a light brown and does great in cold process. 

Vanilla Content: 2%

NOTE: This med-flashpoint oil (192ºF) will ship FedEx only, regardless of the shipping method you choose at checkout. It cannot be shipped via USPS.


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by Cindi
on 4/15/2014
Smells wonderful!
I made CP soap with this scent a few days ago and it smells wonderful!! It worked wonderfully for coloring and did great in silicone and plastic molds. Can't wait for it to cure so I can use it :)
by AshMac
on 11/29/2013
A Surprising Favorite!
Didn't really know what to think about this one. I wanted that coconut suntan lotion smell, but this was not that at all, imho. Very buttery out of the bottle, but turns into a "milky" coconut smell. The papaya keeps it from being exactly what I was looking for, however, I LOVE it so much, and haven't had anyone say they didn't. Men think it smells fresh and pleasant. Women are wowed by the color swirl I was able to achieve. It was slow moving for me in CP soap, and it actually DID discolor a little on the orange side. Not DOS, but discolored evenly in white (tit. dioxide) soap. HOWEVER, I forgot to use distilled water in 3 different batches of soap (this being 1 of them), so my discolor notes are highly unreliable. None of the others discolored, but l'll try again w/ distilled water, because the scent is just fresh, nice, and intriguing. And even though I was looking for something different initially, I actually think think this is now my favorite BB FO!
by Shelby
on 10/27/2013
Wasn't sure about this one at first. Was hoping for a coconut smell but this one is definitely papaya and tropical. Made CP with it and smell is really nice! I think it will be good for a spring soap. So far no D, but I think it accelerated just slightly. Still had time to do 3 colors with it.
by Brynn
on 9/24/2013
Very Versatile Fragrance Oil
I received this fragrance as a sample in one of my orders, and loved it immediately! I'm not a fan of most tropical-scented fragrance oils, but this one is pretty nice. I immediately tried it out in some lip balms, bath balms and lotions - my friends and family stole them all within a week! Since then I've purchased a few 8 oz bottles to keep me stocked and ready! This scent does well in anything, and it has a higher flashpoint which is reassuring when putting in candles or wax cubes, etc. I hope that this fragrance sticks around for good.
by Puji
on 9/7/2013
Absolutely wonderful
I purchased 2 ounces to try, and used it today on my cold process soap. I absolutely love the aroma. It reminds me of home! I'm originally from Java, and we grow "pepaya" (papaya is the english word used for its original name we use in Java) and coconut trees all around our home. Never thought then to use it on soap. We eat pepaya year around (perfect for 30 degrees Celsius year-round-climate), certainly perfect for soap, too. Will have to send some of the soap to my Mom back home, he..he..and Will order more of this FO again soon.
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