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Patchouli: Musky, smoky and deep, this fragrance oil is the best out of our extensive testing to find a scent that smelled just like Patchouli essential oil. We found our winner! This FO holds up great in soap and is an unbeatable choice for your Patchouli.

Try blending Patchouli with these inspirational ideas!

Note: Is quite light in cold process soap, so we suggested adding up to .9 ounces per pound for any CP recipes.

This fragrance oil has been reformulated to meet new RIFM standards.

Flashpoint: 200ºF+

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Verified Purchase
by S.T
on 4/29/2015
Patchouli Fragrance Oil
I too don't Iike leaving bad reviews but this FO is horrible! Waste of money., no where near does it smell like Patchouli,at times we d get a little whiff of Patchouli waaaay out there a glimpse and then the smokey burnt blah scent gets in your face. I never tried the old version as I use EO s for my products., but this was for a workshop I was teaching EO vs FO. It was a good teaching tool but that's it.

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi there! I'm sorry you didn't like this fragrance and didn't find it to smell of patchouli. We love the alluring, musky smell of our Patchouli Fragrance Oil. If you're looking for other patchouli scents you may like Patchouli Essential Oil, Smoky Patchouli Fragrance Oil, or Ginger Patchouli Fragrance Oil.

Verified Purchase
by Marilyn
on 4/17/2015
not very patchouli-y
I personally don't care for patchouli, but my customers kept asking for it. This misses the mark. It is more of a smoky smell than anything else. If you want patchouli, spring for the essential oil.

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Marilyn! I'm sorry you don't care for this fragrance. We love this deep, smoky fragrance and find it to be a great substitute for Patchouli Essential Oil. If you're looking for other earthy scents you may like Ginger Patchouli Fragrance Oil, Sensuous Sandalwood Fragrance Oil, or Vanilla Rosewood Fragrance Oil.

on 12/31/2013
Nothing like the old formulation.
I don't like writing this either, but this re formulation is not good. The smoky patchouli isn't to my liking either. The original was SO GOOD. I could replace pricey patchouli eo with no problem. I know I will be told to buy the eo like every other reviewer on here, but I can't in the amount I use. I really wish the old formula could come back. I miss it so much.

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Lysa, I’m sorry to hear this fragrance is not your favorite. We appreciate your feedback, and this has been shared with the team.

Verified Purchase
by Pat
on 12/15/2013
Smokey Patchouli
I am so very sorry to write this... but I have been ordering Patchouli Fragrance oil for my CP soaps for quite some time. I read that the fragrance had been reformulated and one review stated they did not like the reformulation, and the smokey version was suggested, I decided to try the smokey version. I just opened the smokey and it is not at all to my liking. I was so very disappointed. It is money spent and now I need to try the reformulated version with the hope that it is very very close to the original.

Reply from Bramble Berry
I’m sorry to hear this fragrance is not your favorite. If this isn’t the type of Patchouli you were looking for, I would recommend the Patchouli Essential Oil.You may also like this fragrance better in a blend, here are some blending ideas!

Verified Purchase
by Annette
on 11/1/2013
Reformulated product
We have ordered Patchouli from you for several years and loved it! However this time we got the reformulated version and it's nothing in comparison to the original. It doesn't have the same quality and has a, for lack of a better word, chemical essence versus the natural essence of the original version. This version of patchouli actually gives me a headache. We won't be buying the reformulated version and would ask our customers to buy it either. We have an 8 ounce bottle of fragrance we can not use.

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Annette! We are so sorry to hear that the reformulation isn't one that you like as much as the old one. If you like Patchouli and still want to keep it part of your line, we suggest trying out the Smoky Patchouli Fragrance Oil or the Patchouli Essential Oil.

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