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A bit too fine

I tried this pumice in a foot scrub for the first time, and didn't feel that it was course enough to provide good exfoliation. It would be nice to see a similar product that is a bit courser.

Mariel Paz
love it!!!

i make scrubs and love it...but i have a question ...can i make soap with this ¿? not to sure ....if is safe ..what amount will you recomend used?

Simply amazing!!

This powder does a very good job of exfoliating and evening out dull/dry skin, yet it doesn't feel rough or scratchy during the scrubbing. I made several different products when my Bramble Berry order arrived, and on my way into the shower, I mistook a hard core foot scrub for my gentle facial scrub. (No, really!) This pumice powder was actually smooth enough that it didn't hurt my face or neck. It's literally strong *and* soft enough to use from head to toe! Please, PLEASE never stop carrying it!!!!

Ultra fine

This powder is ultra fine. Exfoliation provided is just a touch more than baking soda gives. I would love to see a particle size added to exfoliant descriptions! Powder is dense, and 1 oz looks about the size of a tablespoon.


Super fine pumice that's perfect for scrubs and soap making. Just enough exfoliation without being scratchy.