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Absolutely Beautiful

So far I have used in clear and opaque M&P and bath bombs and I am in love!! It creates amazing purple tones and contributes to the overall quality of everything it's in. GREAT lather in the soap and even though I haven't used the bath bombs yet I know my skin will appreciate it's wonderful attributes. Pairing it with my favorite - BB's Hungarian Lavender EO. Only wish it wasn't so expensive.

Color is So Beautiful

I love this clay. I mixed according to instructions from BB and the color is just this gorgeous natural lavender. It's got that earthy quality i just love. My CP soaps are just beautiful with this color!!!

such a beautiful color!

i used this color as well as brazilian pink and brazilian yellow to color some bath truffles as well as my castile baby soap and it came out so beautifully. i just hope that it doesn't have any drying affect on skin because these Brazilian clays are some of my favorite natural colorants!


My first try with this clay was using Extra Virgin Olive Oil at 1.5 tsp of clay in CP soap. My recipe is 1.5 pounds of fat. The color is closer to mocha than purple, not good. Per the advice below (THANK YOU), I picked up some regular Olive Oil (less yellow than EVOO) and used .5 tsp of this clay. The result, a pale lavender that I can live with. In fact, I may try 1 tsp the next go round. The moral of the story, this clay will give you a truer purple if you use whiter oils. It's a good clay, I recommend it but it may require some testing to get the right color. That's part of the fun I suppose:)

Pretty Dark Pink Color

I love this colorant, it mixes well, I use either vegetable glycerin or alcohol to mix.. I have added to CP, HP and melt and pour soaps. I used about 1/2 tablespoon in each of the about soaps at a ratio of 1 pound.