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Fruit Loops in Spoiled Milk

Very disappointing! I had high hopes for this one given the incredible Oatmeal Stout (my all-time favorite BB FO). Out of bottle, the scent was great. In CP soap, it morphed horribly. Gone is the fresh, crisp raspberry, and what's left is a sour fruit loop smell over a cream ale note. Maybe after some more curing time it will come back, but seems unlikely. It did soap beautifully. No acceleration and slight discoloration. You should give this the axe and bring back Pumpkin Lager -- it was one of your best fragrances, IMHO.

Absolutely love this fragrance

Used this in cp recently. Looked kind of grainy as I was pouring. It turned out great. I see that it accelerated on others. All my soap was accelerating that day before I added the fragrance so I can't really say if it would have or not. I only did a simple single swirl and it turned out great and smells great! I will definitely use again.

Love the smell

Love the smell, but again this accelerates fast. My try if just using it and pouring into mold, nothing else. So bummed wanted to us this in my beer soap, May still try.

Everyone loves this...

I make CP with raspberry porter beer and everyone loves it..have ordered more for the fall shows.

Popular Scent!

This is not your overly-sweet Raspberry scent! I soaped this with a Raspberry Ale from a local brewery.. and my customers couldn't get enough! They loved it!!