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Good Fresh Clean Scent for Men

I bought this to make soap for my husband. At the time I was only making Melt & Pour. It turned out great and I love it. It smells very clean, fresh, and "watery". He likes "Shave and a Haircut" better, but then I blended a little of both and created a whole new scent. It lightens up the "Shave and a Haircut" a little and adds a little bit of "ozone" to it.

Salty Mariner fragrance oil

Love this scent. Used it in a soleseife soap and had my first experience with very rapid acceleration. Put the fragrance oil in with the coconut, avocado and macadamia nut oils as I always do when making a soleseife soap. As soon as I added the lye solution and turned on my stick blender for about two seconds, it became very thick. Turned off the stick blender and used my whisk to add my color and it got liquid enough to pour into molds. Fingers crossed!

Great scent

At first I wasn't sure what to think while smelling it out of the bottle, it seemed really strong/ spicy instead of fresh ocean. After using it in some MP it really came together. My friends love it.

Beth Sage Owens

Love the title, the reviews were sometimes scary, sometimes humorous. I've been soaping for almost 20 years now and---thank God--knock on wood--am not familiar with what "ricing" is, so when I went to work with this I didn't know what to expect....dinner and a movie maybe? Well--it does move quick but any experienced soaper will have all materials ready and near; so that wasn't an issue. In my CP soap, this moved quickly but yielded pure white, creamy bars that I topped with pink sea salt. they are just lovely! I DO smell an oceanside smell and a hint of saltiness as well. This is going to be a keeper and may make some lotion with this as well. Thanks Brambleberry!


This smells wonderful! I used it in a sea salt cold process bar and it turned out really great.