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  • Salty Mariner Fragrance Oil

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Salty Mariner: This is a fragrance reminiscent of upscale living.  Salty marine notes and fresh rain mingle with lily of the valley, jasmine, leafy greens, pine and musk.  Experience the beautifully mastered essence of the thunder of waves crashing against the shore, the salty air in your face and the soft crunch of seashells beneath your feet. Imagine yourself at sea, with your face being lightly sprinkled with ocean spray. Like an angry sea, this fragrance does have a more powerful side; it accelerate trace in cold process soap so be prepared for it to move quickly.

Flashpoint: 200ºF +

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Verified Purchase
by Allison
on 10/1/2015
Great scent
At first I wasn't sure what to think while smelling it out of the bottle, it seemed really strong/ spicy instead of fresh ocean. After using it in some MP it really came together. My friends love it.
Verified Purchase
by Beth Sage Owens
on 9/29/2015
Love the title, the reviews were sometimes scary, sometimes humorous. I've been soaping for almost 20 years now and---thank God--knock on wood--am not familiar with what "ricing" is, so when I went to work with this I didn't know what to expect....dinner and a movie maybe? Well--it does move quick but any experienced soaper will have all materials ready and near; so that wasn't an issue. In my CP soap, this moved quickly but yielded pure white, creamy bars that I topped with pink sea salt. they are just lovely! I DO smell an oceanside smell and a hint of saltiness as well. This is going to be a keeper and may make some lotion with this as well. Thanks Brambleberry!
Verified Purchase
by Amber
on 9/18/2015
This smells wonderful! I used it in a sea salt cold process bar and it turned out really great.
Verified Purchase
by jane
on 8/29/2015
Nice Scent
I read the other reviews before I purchased so I soaped at full water and moved with purpose when I added the fragrance to my batter. As stated it moves fast, but if you are prepared you can make a stunning soap using this fragrance. I split my batter into 4 colors as well as my fragrance adding the fragrance to my batter as I layered the soap. The result was a lovely bar. Now, I am located right in the middle of the USA so I can not say if this is a Sea Scent or not , but I and my tester's find this a very appealing scent and I will purchase it again .
Verified Purchase
by David
on 8/24/2015
Salty Mariner? Really?
I am a salty mariner and have spent spend 50% of my life at sea, and continue to do so. I was excited by the reviews, disappointed in the scent. Neither I, or my professional colleagues, or my family members, find any resemblance to the ocean in this scent. They are surprised when I tell them its name. My wife says it smells like old ladies (not that I have anything against the way old ladies smell, I just do not want to smell like one). I threw it away.

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi David! I'm sorry this fragrance was not what you were expecting. We love our Salty Mariner Fragrance Oil with its salty marine notes balanced by fresh rain, florals and greens. If you're looking for other sea-type scents you may like Ocean Rain Fragrance Oil.

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