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  • Sandalwood Vanilla Fragrance Oil

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Sandalwood Vanilla: Customers have been asking us for years to come up with a Sandalwood Vanilla blend that is sweet and creamy yet woodsy enough to use as a man's fragrance. Our Sandalwood Vanilla smells different in cold process soap than in the bottle. It's warm and inviting in soap, and of course, discolors soap brown because of the Vanilla content. Straight out the bottle, there are more powder notes that are not present in the finished product. Be prepared to move fast while using this fragrance, it will accelerate trace quite quickly and can seize at higher temperatures.

Flashpoint: 200ºF +

Vanilla Content: 4.5%

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by Kristi
on 1/6/2015
Smells awesome
I read the reviews about accelerated trace so I took precautions: I used higher amounts of liquid oils and less amounts of solids. I also used just a tiny bit more water, I soaped at cool temperatures, and of course, I added the fragrance oil last at light trace and used a whisk. I actually ended up being able to use my stick blender a bit before pouring and I believe, if I had wanted to, I would have been able to set some batter aside without FO and do some simple swirls. It did start to thicken up much faster after it was poured but I had plenty of time. I have people asking for this although they have not yet smelled it. I have no doubt that they will, not at all, be disappointed.
by Hayley
on 8/14/2014
Top seller, invaluable blender
Rich, warm, and totally worth the price! I was reluctant to add a sandalwood vanilla to my line-up, as it's such an overused scent, but BB's is out of the park! I blend it with another company's ozone, & it's become one of my top selling blends. Stable & strong with a very manageable amount of discoloration, it's a "secret ingredient" in several of my other blends, adding a bit of warmth & fullness to foody & floral blends. It's also become very popular with my male clients looking for a more wearable alternative to traditional cologne blends.
by Heather
on 4/18/2014
Wow! That's a mover
I just love this fragrance. I used it the first time when I was brand new to soaping and had some trouble. Hundreds of batches on, I'm a little better prepared to deal with challenging FOs. High OO recipe (40%), room temp soaping, no colors. Still ended up a globby mess on the way into the mold. I'm not giving up because it smells SOOOOO good, but be prepared to move quickly to plan B with this one.
by JoP
on 10/11/2013
"Initiates Seize" not "Accelerates Trace"
2nd time around I prepared myself - Soaped at low temp; halved the sandalwood & vanilla and added BB vanilla and added that mix at light strength; moved like greased lightning; I did a 3 colour in the pot swirl and only put the FO into the green colour. Well the green came out of the pot like stiff play dough - the clumps of green were sticking up out of the mould. Sigh. This is too fast for me I won't use this again. Even at 1/2 of the mix and at light strength, the scent is super strong. But I have globs of colour instead of fine swirls...

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Jo! The Sandalwood Vanilla Fragrance Oil will accelerate trace quite quickly, but there are a couple of things you can do to help that out. Use a recipe that is high in Olive Oil (doesn't trace as quickly), and keep your temperatures down around 90-100 degrees Fahrenheit. These factors can definitely help to slow down trace so that you can work with your soap.

by Lisa
on 8/21/2013
So addicted to this one!
I love it in CP soap, lotions, bath salts, body sprays, perfumes and, even, candles. Does discolor in CP, but who cares when it smells this fantastic!
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