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Works Great!

These were perfect for my soaps! I use a hairdryer and I got them to work with no problems. I also don't have any wrinkles on them. They're smooth, wrinkle-free and cover the edges perfectly. The key with a hairdryer is once you have the bands mostly shrunk on the one side, get the hairdryer as close as you can to the band without touching it and smoothe it out and it does the trick for getting any wrinkles out! I will definitely be buying these again. Please don't get rid of these!

No Longer Afraid

After reading reviews here, but needing a better way to wrap my soap, I took the plunge. I am very happy I did. I ordered 200 bands. The first band was a test, and I had not added my label so it came off after my initial success. 1 wrapper "wasted". It took me 2 wrappers to understand to put the tear-away strip on the bottom of my soap, not a full side. The amount of heat to get a good wrinkle-free wrap it too great for the strips, and they pop. So making sure to rotate that strip to the bottom edge gives me a good clear wrinkle-free facing and just the barest of passes on the bottom where the strip is. I have wasted a total of 7 wraps. 4 of which were entirely my fault as I used the wrong label and needed to re-wrap them. I love these wrappers. They fit the 10" Silicone Mold very well (some of my bars are a tad over 1") and they fit my Card Box loaves perfectly. I was afraid they wouldn't. (Card Boxes from the local gaming store, hold Magic the Gathering or Baseball Cards)

Soap Wraps

I received my wraps today but alas they don't fit my taller soaps. My fault as I didn't read the description of the size. Will you be offering larger sizes as I do love, love, love these wraps!

Shrink wrap bands

I just recieved my bands a couple of days ago and I used them with no problems. I must order more in the future.

Would not purchase again

This was my first time ordering this shrink wrap bands and I'm going to compare them to what else is on the market wrt shrink wrap soap bands. First, the are about 1/4" smaller than others, however this is noted in the listing. Second, they are thinner, noticeably thinner. I was worried this would cause problems when shrinking the bands, and it did. Third, about half the bands ripped while shrinking which means I had to get the ripped packaging off and try again with another. I do use a heat gun but I use a setting that has never caused problems with other shrink wrap products. I find this to be an inferior product and would not purchase again or recommend.