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Sodium Hydroxide: LYE - for Soap Making. Sodium Hydroxide, or Lye, is the chemical that induces saponification with fats and oils to create that magnificent thing called soap! Our lye is now in flake form! This is a huge improvement because they don't cling to you and your tools due to static electricity like the pellets do. The flakes are a little less pure (97% instead of 99%) but this small variation does not make a difference in soap recipes and saponification rates.Please be sure to educate yourself on the safety precautions and proper handling of Lye before using this ingredient. Our Lye is 32 oz. by volume and about 27 oz. by weight.

How much lye do you need for your soap? Try our lye calculator.

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Botanical Name:   Sodium Hydroxide
Common Name:  Sodium Hydroxide 


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Verified Purchase
by Cheryl
on 10/8/2015
Love it!
I used to use the beads, but this form is much, much better. The beads will fall all over the place, clump up, cling to your vessel, and are generally much harder to handle. But these flakes behave beautifully! Please Brambleberry, don't ever stop carrying them! :)
Verified Purchase
by James
on 6/27/2015
Try it, you'll like it!
I was weary at first, but I have used Brambleberry's Potassium Hydroxide in flake form for liquid soap with great success and I relied on Brambleberry's good name. There was no static cling, no crystals bouncing out of the cup and the soap is great. You do have to stir it longer to dissolve it, but that is a very small price to pay. I will buy this from now on. It is also less expensive (even WITH shipping) than crystal lye I purchase at the local hardware store.
Verified Purchase
by Lina
on 6/24/2015
Loved this!!! <3
I used this to make my first batches of soap ever. It was easy to use, measure and was fast melting as far as I was concerned. I didn't have any dust when pouring. I do have two detractors one of which applies to all NaOH orders. First one is this has to be shipped via ground which seems to take forever especially when you're waiting on it to do anything. Second is that you can only get it here in 32 oz bottles. I'd like to be able to buy in much larger quantities.
Verified Purchase
by Beth
on 6/3/2015
I prefer the beads
This was the first lye I used, but when I ran out I wanted to try the beads to see which I prefer. While the flakes do have their positive points, I think I prefer the beads. Other reviewers have mentioned that there is more dust with the flakes, and I fully agree. When opening the container or pouring it, there is a noticeable cloud that puffs up that I haven't experienced with the beads. The flakes, due to their size, can also take a very long time to dissolve. When using water, this isn't an issue because you can see whether or not everything has dissolved, but when using milk it's impossible to tell if there are chunks of lye. It's easy enough to strain it once or twice, but it can be somewhat annoying. That said, the flakes feel "safer" before mixing with water. If you spill any, it's very easy to see where it ended up. If you need just a teensy bit of lye to add to your measurements, it's much easier to measure small amounts than it is with the beads.
Verified Purchase
by Bridget
on 5/26/2015
Be Careful
I have been making soap for about a year. I have had good success with this Lye. I just wanted to pass along a warning about lye. This has strong fumes and when I measured out the dust I would cough sometimes because of dust. Even if you are working in a ventilated area, I would highly recommend a dust mask. I recently was diagnosed with Rheumatoid arthritis. It might be coincidental, I might be genetically predisposed...but the lye could have been a trigger. PLEASE be safe with this chemical. you might even put dust mask recommended on your description.

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Bridget! I'm sorry you have Rheumatoid arthritis. You've brought up a really good point about lye safety. Sodium Hydroxide Lye is a chemical and needs to be handled with caution. We recommend working in a well ventilated area while wearing gloves, goggles, long sleeves, and even a mask. We also recommend soaping in an area free of pets or children for their safety. Find out more about these procedures in How to Make Cold Process Soap: Lye Safety & Ingredients on Soap Queen TV.

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