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love love this base and will be buying again

I absolutely love it and the peacock glitter and gray mica combo I cant wait to make more

How do I make it gloss

The suspension base is good, but was wondering what can I do to make the nailpolish glossy without top coat, i find the nailpolish goes opaque very quickly, any suggestions, or other ingredient?

Fun Project!!!!

I made nail polish with my girls, came out very well. We also scented some of them, the smell comes through after it dries. I used a (plastic pipette) to transfer the nail polish base into the bottles which is much easier than using the mini funnel. So many color options to choose from to create custom colors.

I love this base!

I love this base. It is thick and stays on my nails for a week and a half before I have to redo my nails. I bought the small bottle, and yes it is not that easy to pour from but I use a rectangular metal measuring spoon and that works great. The larger bottle is much easier to pour from but I still use the measuring spoon. So far I haven't found any micas that have not worked with this base.

Base sticks to bottle

I tried pouring the base in the bottle but in spilled over the nail polish bottle...I cleaned it up right away, but the bottle was left with residue on matter how hard I scrub I can't get it off. I don't know how to pour the base without making a mess..the funnels won't work because it clogs up (because they're plastic). I simply don't know what to do. Also, I've called and called the Brambleberry number but no one answers during business hours. Only once did they call back to leave a message on my phone..but other than that no one answers the phone.

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Victoria! I'm sorry this product wasn't your favorite. Pouring the nail polish base requires a steady hand and some patience because it's very thick! You may try rolling up a piece of paper into a funnel and pouring the base that way. For clean up, rubbing the bottle with a little nail polish remover should help take that residue off. Also, if you are getting a recording it's because we're helping another customer. However, if you leave a voicemail we try to get back to you the same day! I'll be emailing you personally to resolve this!