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Love this oil

I just used this oil to make lotion bars and I have to say I love this scent . The only thing that would make this better is a slightly stronger tangerine scent, the vanilla is a little over powering. Otherwise I would recommend this scent at least for lotion bars.( Sorry can't attest to soaps as I am not a soap maker)

Great for all things orange!

I know this is tangerine, but it makes awesome creamsicle CP soap and body butters! Great staying power in both and though it has an orange tint to it, it wont really discolor much in regards to the CP soap OR butters...I cant wait to get more!

The best kind of sweet

This sweet, citrus scent is one of my favorites. Refreshing with almost a vanilla sort of scent underneath which blends well with the juicy citrus. It's not as tart as an orange scent, and it's a good blend with other citrus FOs too!

Not Tangerine :(

Slight edit here; what I first was sent turned out to be really Clementine Cupcake. Customer service sent a replacement bottle, also labeled Tangerine Surplus, and while it is marginally less sweet than the Clementine Cupcake, it is still NOT a one-note tangerine. C'mon, Brambleberry, you should know it's not. The two fo's smell nearly the same. Take it from someone who uses a lot of folded Tangerine EO, and FCC Tangerine eo... Tangerine Surplus FO is sweet and bakery, and a bit musky, compared to real Tangerine EO. Note that it has vanilla, which Tangerines do not. It's not a one-note oil, it's cakey. Description, photo are very misleading. I was willing to accept it not being usable in soap, if it was a true, or nearly true, tangerine, in other items, but it is not. So disappointed.

Very Pretty Scent

This is a very nice citrus scent. It's not sharp & the tangerine comes through beautifully in Melt and Pour Soap. I wanted to add a little something else so I made Tuberose soap curls and imbedded them. Pretty to look at, wonderful to smell! Glad I got a big bottle!!!