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Turkish Mocha: Soapmakers have been begging us for a great coffee fragrance for years and we think we've finally found one. Our Turkish Mocha has a creamy top notes of milk, cardamom, cocoa and a touch of nutmeg. The alluring, complex blend winds down to heady scents of vanilla and honey run, and of course, Turkish Coffee. This fragrance does discolor to a milky dark brown. It looks stunning when coupled with a gold mica vein or with gold mica sprinkled on top. Just imagine yourself in a small corner alley coffee shop in an exotic locale and inhale! If you're a coffee lover, you won't be disappointed by this fragrance. This fragrance is excellent in soy waxes and paraffin candle blends.

Vanilla Content: 11.7%

NOTE: This low-flashpoint oil (134ºF) will ship Ground only, regardless of the shipping method you choose at checkout. It cannot ship outside the lower 48 U.S. states.

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by Nikki
on 8/14/2014
Much more chocolate than coffee
This fragrance does smell good, and it works beautifully in cp soap...but it smells really really strongly of chocolate and barely any coffee notes at all. I wish it had a stronger coffee scent, I even used fresh brewed coffee in my soap and coffee grounds for exfoliation.
by Marilyn
on 7/27/2014
I want to eat my soap!
This smells heavenly! I made soap and added cocoa powder and finely ground coffee for a tiny bit of texture. I lost NO coffee or chocolate fragrance in the soap. I turned it out of the mold and cut it to make the most decadent bars! Then I noticed them.....NOOO!!! My soap was riddled with little, crusty lye bubbles. I've used that recipe forever and I've never had lye bubbles in ANY soap I've made. All that mocha goodness gone to waste! Time to buy more!
by Emily
on 5/23/2014
Good but..
I used it in cp, had no ricing or acceleration, smelled VERY strong of coffee out of the bottle. I mixed with peppermint essential oil (2 parts turkish mocha 1 part peppermint) and this fragrance definitely snuffed out the peppermint. Which is fine, but after my soap cured the coffee scent seems to have vanished as well. The scent leftover is still good, a nice sweet chocolate (probably a bit sweeter since it was mixed with peppermint), but no coffee. I am going to use the rest of the bottle for scrubs and bath bombs, the scent sticks very nicely in those, and remains a wonderful scent that will make you crave a good coffee :)
by Heather
on 1/3/2014
Smells great when it gets wet!
I made the soap Coffee Grounds soap from Anne-Marie's book. The fragrance itself smelled like chocolate with small hints of coffee. While waiting for the soap to cure, the smell seemed to weaken quite a bit. Although, once I tested the soap in the shower, the scent was much stronger and also had a stronger coffee smell. This has become my new favorite scent. I do wish it had a stronger coffee smell but this does smell delicious.
by Athena
on 12/13/2013
Changing my review
After my soap had cured and sat out for a while, the subtle coffee notes started to come through the sweetness of the chocolate. While I'm still not thrilled with the balance, I'd love to see very rich coffee with subtle notes of chocolate, the fragrance does smell delicious. I still smell almond, and it's incredibly sweet, but after showering with the soap the most attractive aroma (to both sexes) remains without being overpowering or "scented". I do think the picture used on the site could be changed to more accurately represent the smell, maybe a pretty cup with lots of whip cream and some chocolate sprinkles just to visually represent the sweetness. Bramble Berry did send an email and mailed out a sniff stick to make sure I got the scent I purchased after my initial displeased review. As always BB gets an A+ for customer service.

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Athena, I’m so happy to hear this fragrance improved for you after your soap cured. Thank you for your feedback regarding the picture. It has been shared with the team.

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