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  • Vertical Wood Mold

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Vertical Wood Mold: Made with the same care and craftsmanship as our wildly popular Baltic Birch Molds, these exquisite molds are hand crafted here in Bellingham, Washington. The vertical style allows for unique and creative swirling and layering techniques that will wow your friends and customers.

Our vertical mold holds approximately 4 pounds of soap and creates a soap log that is 3 3/8" x 2 3/8" x 12". Cleverly held together on one side with 6 wingnuts, sliding out your finished soap is a breeze. Also includes an optional center divider for creating unusual looking split swirls. Liners fit snugly together so lining your molds is not necessary but the liners are not snug enough to work with melt and pour so we recomend cold and hot process soap only with this mold.

We recommend hand washing all of your molds and pieces to make sure they last a lifetime

 The Mold includes:

Two 13" x 4" side liners
Two 13" x 2 1/2" side liners
One center divider
One grooved liner for the bottom of the mold
Six wingnuts
One U-shaped pin (to keep the middle divider centered)


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by Vicki
on 10/19/2014
RE-REVIEW of "Mold looks goods, performs poorly."
Originally gave this mold a one star due to very problematic release. I only make HARD SOAP so type of soap being made was not the issue. After 4 tries of using these molds (I have 2 of them) I was successful. The key to the success was wraping the plastic liners in PLASTIC WRAP. The previous 3 methods of lubricating the plastic inserts with vaseline, spray silicone, & liquid silicone were unsuccessful. Had hoped that spraying the plastic inserts with silicone would have worked because that is easy & quick.
by Cheryl
on 7/14/2014
I want another one of these!
I lusted after this mold for awhile and signed up immediately once I learned it was being used in the Spring Soap Crafting Club. I could use this for almost every batch and be happy. But beware the twist. The Wine Twist recipe in the Soap Crafting book has you twist the center for a circle shifting the colors to either side. Tip: I finally had success by slightly over twisting, then bring it back to center. I had no gap in my circle.
by Deborah
on 7/11/2014
Worked Perfectly
The mold is made of quality materials and well constructed. Everything fit together well. I just finished my first batch of cold processed soap with it and it worked exactly the way it was designed. It unmolded fairly easily, after reading some of the reviews I was expecting more of a fight. I did coat with cyclomethicone and added sodium lactate to the batch. I left it for 48 hours and had no problem. My two sided soap is absolutely beautiful and I can't wait to show it off.
by Rosa
on 5/26/2014
Rocked my Socks Off!
I had a flawless first run with this mold. I did a simple pour without using the dividers. I left my soap in for about 30 hours, and had absolutely no issues whatsoever getting the mold liner off. With a little pressure and a gentle slide, they peeled off clean and pretty. I'm excited to use this mold and try the two-tone and creative swirled effects. Definitely one to have!
on 5/9/2014
Vertical Mold and Unmolding
The vertical mold iWork's like a dream and my 2 color soaps with a twist came out beautiful. I followed BBs suggestion to wipe the liners with Cyclomethicone and ease in Unmolding was so easy. Beautiful soaps and I can ask more money for the bigger and artistic bars of soap. This mold is a must have from BB. I left them in the mold uncovered for 60 hrs.
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