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Vertical Wood Mold: Made with the same care and craftsmanship as our wildly popular Baltic Birch Molds, these exquisite molds are hand crafted here in Bellingham, Washington. The vertical style allows for unique and creative swirling and layering techniques that will wow your friends and customers.

Our vertical mold holds approximately 4 pounds of soap and creates a soap log that is 3 3/8" x 2 3/8" x 12". One side of the mold slides up, allowing you easy access to your soap. Also includes an optional center divider for creating unusual looking split swirls. Liners fit snugly together so lining your molds is not necessary but the liners are not snug enough to work with melt and pour so we recomend cold and hot process soap only with this mold.

We recommend hand washing all of your molds and pieces to make sure they last a lifetime

 The Mold includes:

Two 13" x 4" side liners
Two 13" x 2 1/2" side liners
One center divider
One grooved liner for the bottom of the mold
Six wingnuts
One U-shaped pin (to keep the middle divider centered)


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by Katie
on 9/23/2015
Love it!
I'm a hot process junkie, & accept that I'm making life hard on myself by doing hot process in this mold. The problem I have is that when glopping the hot process in, it tends to shift the center divider at the bottom. I didn't notice this on a batch & got an off-center design. Now I only fill one quarter at a time, & use a wooden spoon to shift the center divider back into place if it gets out of line. I may use the other commenter's suggestion of drilling an extra pin support at the bottom to help with this. If you get pictures from them, let me know!!! You have to bang this mold down hard to get all the air pockets out from the hot process glops. Luckily, this is a well-made mold and is holding up well to my abuse. Be sure to wear goggles to protect your eyes from flying glops(!) For sticky liners, I cut up old plastic grocery bags & tape them in which makes removal & cleanup a breeze. Plus, by taping the top back to the wood mold, it holds the liners from falling over.
Verified Purchase
by Mary
on 7/24/2015
I was very excited to try out my vertical mold. I didn't line the mold with freezer paper since it was not supposed to leak. However, the first time I used the mold it leaked.

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Mary! I'm sorry your mold leaked. While the Vertical Wood Mold's liners fit snugly so it doesn't always need to be lined. We definitely recommend lining the mold just in case! This is because depending on the thickness of the soap batter leaks can happen, especially if you have a thinner recipe.

Verified Purchase
by Judy
on 7/19/2015
Update on my first review
When I received this mold, I discovered that one of the wood sides was not glued straight. BB always stands behind their products and altho I wanted to keep/repair the mold, BB worked with me on that. I did repair the mold and have used it twice. First time I didn't line it and got a little leakage. I poured at thicker trace than I usually do and had a couple of tablespoons of soap batter leak out. 2nd time I wrapped some plastic around the sliding piece and added duct tape to the bottom. No soap leaked this time. Next time I'll line with freezer paper as BB suggests (I'm sure it will rate a 5, then). I don't regret buying this mold at all and will use it many times, I'm sure.
Verified Purchase
by Robert
on 5/8/2015
Easy to use and great results
Out of the mold in 8 hours. I used the Brambleberry recipe, but used jasmine FO in the side opposite of Sandalwood Vanilla. I added a light blue oxide pigment on the jasmine side. I discounted the water to 14oz. The SV did accelerate trace, but I did not have any problems filling the mold. I wrapped the mold with towels. In less than an hour the soap was gelling, the mold was hot. 8 hours later the mold is 85. I open the mold and sliced the soap. Beautiful. Full gel. Also, I applied a very light coat of vaseline to all contact surfaces prior to pouring the mixture in the mold. No problem at all removing the soap from the mold panels. Also, passed the zap test as well.
Verified Purchase
by Leslie
on 3/10/2015
I love this mold!
I have used this mold several times. I have followed the directions to unmold my soap successfully - until today. I apparently left the soap in the mold too long and the pieces wouldn't budge. I took a razor blade and carefully ran it along the seams. I then took a wire cutter and ran it down the inside edge of each of the wide pieces first, then the narrow side pieces. I will use this technique from now on. All four sides are perfect (no marks from sliding the pieces off the soap)! I love it even more after today!
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