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My go to Mold

I love this mold!!! I always use Sodium Lactate in my soaps to ease unmolding. Very very easy to unmold after 24 hours. Corners are crisp and clean. I have heard you can use epsom salt as a substitute for sodium lactate, but I haven't tried it, yet. I would still use this mold regardless. Love how the soap slips out easily and how it looks.

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Love this mold!

I am a new soaper, and made my second batch of soap yesterday using the silicone mold for the first time. I added sodium lactate to my cooled lye solution as suggested; my soap hardened beautifully and turned out of the mold with ease! Thanks BB, for your wonderful products!

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Great mold!

I have purchased several of these molds and they are great! Very sturdy and easy to remove the soap. I do not understand why some people are not happy with them. High quality molds!

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having trouble unmolding

This mold gaves me problem when unmolding. I always have trouble with the CP soap sticking on both sides of the mold and corners of the bottom of this mold. I don't have this issue with my other blue silion mold bought elsewhere, even when making castile soap. Both the quick swirl mix and lots of lather mix stick to the sides and bottom of this mold when unmolding even if I waited for a couple of days to unmold.

Kelsey from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Jessica! I'm sorry you had trouble unmolding your soap from this mold. We love the 10" Silicone Loaf Mold, though silicone does insulate well which means it can take longer, even a few weeks, for the soap to harden enough for unmolding, especially with a super soft soap like Castile. Sodium Lactate helps harden the soap so you can unmold it more quickly. For more information, check out our Sunday Night Spotlight: Sodium Lactate blog post. This cold process soap tutorial has more information on Castile soap and how to make it harden faster.

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I have a question

I bought 8 of these silicone moods, I´ve been using them for more than a year, but I don´t know why the soap results are not so good, it looks partially gelled most of the time, but just at the edges not in the center. Is it because I need to put the molds inside a wooden box?