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Love this mold!

I absolutely love this mold, so easy to work with! I do not think there is better mold anywhere!

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I've changed my rating

After my original experience with this mold, I made the Alpine soap (the reason I bought this mold in the first place). Unlike the first experience, the soap came out easily and was beautiful and smooth. I will use this for hard soaps.

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These are the best molds ever! The Tall molds are nice but much harder to swirl, etc because they are so narrow. This mold is perfect!

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My Favorite Bramble Berry Mold

This is my absolute favorite mold I have used so far!! It makes a perfect smooth bar. I have not had any issues with un-molding, that is one of the reasons it is my favorite. I wait a few days and my soap comes out clean and with ease. This mold is also an ease to clean. This is my go to mold. I get bummed when I need it and there is a soap setting up in it. Will be ordering more!

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I have the worst time with this mold. No matter the recipe, no matter how long I let it sit to harden, I end up butchering the bottom of the loaf when I try to remove it. I only use this one in an emergency. It's a shame, too, because I'd love to have more molds that don't require external support.

Kelsey from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Sierra! I'm sorry you have a hard time working with this mold. This mold is nice and flexible and we love using it. That being said, the soap will take a bit longer to unmold than soap made in a wood mold. That's because silicone doesn't breathe well, so it takes some extra time to completely cool and harden. In this case, you can pop your mold in the freezer to help harden the soap up faster. You can also use Sodium Lactate to help create a harder bar, making it easier to remove from the mold. Check out our Sunday Night Spotlight: Sodium Lactate for more information on working with it.