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wanted to love it

I really wanted to love this Mold but after the first use it was never the same my second batch of soap was misshaped. I had to try to find ways to make it stay straight. Looking for a new supplier fo molds.

Verified Purchase

I loved using these mold and have several. Unfourtantly when unmolding a loaf recently I had one split down the side making it unusable. This is not only inconvenient but also relatively expensive to replace.

Incorrect volume stated

I love this mold. I have 5 of them. However, the volume the mold will hold is incorrect on this site. It's NOT 50 ounces. It's only 32 ounces. It would be great if you could fix that mistake. I wasted a ton of product because I went by your calculations.

Deborah V.
Expands at top

I like this mold. My soap comes out perfectly fine, nothing seems to stick to it for me, but - it is not straight sided! If it once started life straight, after just one use, it no longer is. I am not the first to complain about this and probably won't be the last, but it seems as if Brambleberry could give us a method of keeping it straight-sided without purchasing yet another different product! How about it team? Any ideas on what I can do with these 2 molds?

Verified Purchase

I really like this mold. I used the two I ordered last night and they worked beautifully for my hot process soaps. I used 1/2 tsp salt/lb oil in one and none in the other. I was able to slide both of them out without issues. The one with salt was definitely more firm and easier to release. The molds upheld the integrity of my soap and it did not bow on the sides. The molds were also easy to rinse. Overall, I highly recommend as it performed well and gave me no problems. I will be purchasing more in the future.