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perfect molds

I would buy several more molds right now if I could afford them! I have the silicone inserts that I highly recommend.

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Save your money

Save your money and purchase 2 5lb molds with slide out bottom. This mold is very long and can be awkward to use as previously stated in another review. My biggest problem with the mold was that the bottom of the mold moves some even when screws are tightened. Twice while making soap I've had the bottom completely detach from the mold and soap pour out. I don't know if I will even use it again because I'm scared every time I make soap the mold is going to fall apart. The 5lb mold looks like a better design and will probably just purchase a couple of those. Even though I hate the mold I love the silicone liners.

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Dena! I'm sorry you were disappointed in this mold. We love the production capabilities of our 10 lb Wood Loaf Mold. Though, because it is so large it can be awkward to use alone. What I'm concerned with is the bottom falling out, that should definitely not happen! I'm thinking you either received a defective mold or somehow the humidity warped the wood beyond use. I will email you directly to resolve this issue!

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I find this mold is too long and awkward to handle. The curves in the middle make it difficult to space embeds or to mark evenly . I did not get the extra spacer when I purchased my mold so I quickly found it needed more so my husband made me one. When I put it back together it is not user friendly. If I had it to do over I would purchase 2 single molds ( I already have 5) over this one any day. Sorry BB I give this a poor(2) rating due to the above but I give the single a 5 star.

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Jane! I'm sorry the dividers were missing from your mold. I can have some made for you if you find that would be helpful! I'm sorry you found this mold awkward to use as well. While the mold is meant to be able to be taken completely apart it is definitely awkward to put it back together due to its large size. It's definitely a more than one person job! A smaller, sliding bottom mold with fewer parts would be a better alternative, like the 5 Pound Mold With Sliding Bottom. The simple design makes unmolding soap super easy!

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Absolutely Love this Mold

I am in love with this mold and plan on buying at least 2 more to go along with the 5lb silicone liners to go in it. My soap production had picked up so much that I went from making 4-8lbs a weekend to needing to make approx. 20lbs a weekend to accommodate the demand and it's increasing again. So when I found this mold that was right inline with the dimensions that I needed my soap bar size, it was a win win for me. I love this mold. However, I would like help in trying to find the right recipe size for this mold. I know it says a 10lb mold, but when I run a 10lb batch of soap through, This mold doesn't hold it. So I ran an 8lb batch through the same soapcalc. and it fit much better, but still had some excess that I just had to pack on top of the mold. So I am wondering if you can help me to determine the proper way to figure out what size soap batch that I need to properly fit this?

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Wendy! I'm so glad you love our 10 lb Wooden Loaf Mold! We do too! Though, in all of our tests and recipes this mold definitely held ten pounds of soap! It fits two Silicone Liners for the 5 lb Wood Mold, which easily hold five pounds of soap each. I will email you personally to help troubleshoot!