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Perfect orange

I've purchased and used this many times and will continue to.

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An Orange EO that sticks in CP

I love the Orange 10x for CP. There are so many blend possibilities with this. I recently used it in a blend with Anise & couldn't be more happy with it. This Orange 10 fold gives the most lovely shade of Orange to your soap. I don't use any colorants at all because of the beautiful orange shade. Plus it truly sticks in CP. If you do want to color part of the soap, just be aware that this EO is a very darkly colored orange oil. Excellent quality Essential Oil.

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mmmmm good

this is very nice, smells like true orange, crisp and orangey. gives cp soap a nice orange color and really blooms in the shower.

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Such a beautiful scent in EVERYTHING!

Let me just say life wouldn't be the same without this EO. It's great in everything! My entire home smells like fresh oranges when I'm working with this eo! Oh so divine:)) ThanksBB♡

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I'm awake!

Very strong scent! Just used in a batch of CP soap (my very first batch, in fact!) and my whole house smells like fresh oranges from the few drops I spilled and wiped up. Beautiful color in my soap, too.