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not what i thought

I thought this was going to be sickly sweet, its not its beautiful like no orange e/o i've ever smelled its almost exotic wooo BB you just always hit it out of the park!

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Smell of Sunshine

I live in Florida and there is nothing that reminds me of home more than the smell of oranges. Since I travel a lot I always take my soap scented with the 10x orange oil to remind me of home. I love it.

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I've used it in a batch of CP soap and whipped it into a body butter and both turned out great. The smell scent was still strong after 6 weeks and is very close to a true orange scent. It behaved in both products and I reccomend for anyone looking for a natural addition to thier projects.

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I ADORE this essential oil

The Orange 10x sticks wonderfully and smells great alone or in blends. I never want to be without it, since it adds such a nice kick to so many blends. Try this one out, you won't regret it!

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great for blending

I will always have 10x orange on hand for my CP soap. It adds brightness to a blend, and sticks well