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Love this mold

This is my go-to mold for loofah soaps and soap on a rope, or anything else I want in a round shape. CP goats milk soap pops out easily within 24 hours, no freezing, no spraying, just a little sodium lactate. No other individual molds I own are this easy to unmold. I had two of them, and I'm ordering a couple more, because they are so useful.

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Works with some tricks

This mold works great with a lot of patience, sodium lactate, and a freezer ;)

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Thicker than other molds

This is thicker and studier than other molds so that it's harder to "tap down" the batter, especially the center circles. I pour into center circles, tap them down and pour outside circles and tap them down again. Also, it helps to pour when soap is a medium trace instead of full trace.

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This has become my "go-to" mold!

I absolutely LOVE this mold, and since I make cold-process shaving bars, this mold is absolutely perfect for my needs! At first it took some getting used to, and to be honest, my very first batch using this mold, I feared I'd make a mistake in purchasing it! After getting used to it though, it is now literally the ONLY mold I use, and to me, it's worth it's weight in gold! My soaps come out beautiful EVERY time, and my customers rave about these shaving bars! I've never needed to freeze or refrigerate to unmold, and with a 3% Sodium Lactate usuage, my soaps pop right out perfectly, sometimes as soon as 8 hours after pouring in the mold (depending on the recipe). The longest I've ever had to wait to unmold was 24hrs, so I'm able to get back to soaping sooner! I absolutely LOVE this mold and would recommend it to anyone! It does take some getting used to if you've never worked with silicone molds before, but with a little practice, this mold will produce perfect soaps every time! Thank you Bramble Berry for a wonderful product that cleans easily, is extremely durable, and makes gorgeous round bars of soap! Plus, this mold makes it possible to add beautiful textured or swirled tops on your soaps to give each bar it's very own unique beauty! Two thumbs up from me!


I enjoy this mold the more I use it. It fits 2 lb of my CP recipe just about perfectly and the shape is popular. I let the soap go a few days, then keep it in the fridge for a night and it pops out easily. Great for two-tone layered soaps or for decorative soaps with insets. I wouldn't recommend for softer blends since the silicone is surprisingly rigid (sodium lactate is not my thing). I tend to be a bit impatient when it comes to unmolding, and a couple of times I was disappointed when the soaps came out a little mangled. But with the corrections I made it looks better with every batch!