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I enjoy this mold the more I use it. It fits 2 lb of my CP recipe just about perfectly and the shape is popular. I let the soap go a few days, then keep it in the fridge for a night and it pops out easily. Great for two-tone layered soaps or for decorative soaps with insets. I wouldn't recommend for softer blends since the silicone is surprisingly rigid (sodium lactate is not my thing). I tend to be a bit impatient when it comes to unmolding, and a couple of times I was disappointed when the soaps came out a little mangled. But with the corrections I made it looks better with every batch!

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Rev, Adam
The Best One Ever

I love this mold. It takes the cuting of soap out the window and gives nice finished product. I have only used it for m&p soap right now. But will try CP soap with it soon. It is afordable and reliable. Thank You BB for my favret mold.

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Michelle B
Nice and easy

High quality, easy to work with mold. After seeing this one, I went out and bought the rectangle version, too. Nicely made!

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Great for HP and CP for sure!

Love this mold because it is so easy to clean and store and the soaps pop out easily once they are hardened. I've used it for my hot process soaps and coud unmold them 3 hrs after pouring them. With CP, if I'm careful enough and if they are hard enough, I can easily remove them the next day. Sometimes though, because this is a silicone mold, the bottoms don't dry up as quickly as the tops, so freezing the soaps in the mold is warranted if you dont have the patience to wait for days. What I also find helpful to unmolding CP soaps is to pull the sides away from the soaps as I am waiting for them to harden. It helps to let out some of the trapped moisture. The only request I have is that Brambleberry sell boxes that fit these soaps with a little room for textured tops (I.e. lavender b6ds or rose petals) or without extra room, or both!

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Love it!

Makes a wonderful round soap, nice and flexible for release!