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Verified Purchase
I’m on my second...

I ordered this scale a few months back. It worked great for the first couple uses, then the screen started malfunctioning. Thinking it was a battery issue I replaced the battery only to find the issue still continued. I wrote into bramble berry which they gladly shipped me a new one only to see that the replacement won’t even turn on. Replaced battery and still nothing. Very very disappointed in this product. Not only that but now I’m out the money I spent because both items have failed me.

Lasted Almost 3Months

I really liked this scale (5-star worthy), but I had a little spill on it and stopped working. I replaced the battery and immediately got an "electric burning" smell so I quickly took out the battery and tossed it (after airing out the kitchen!) Great scale, but I am looking for something a little more oil-friendly this go-round.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
That strange, we use this scale in the soap lab all the time and have not had that problem. IF you're looking for a little bit more sturdy of a scale you may prefer the KD7000 Scale with "Small" Adapter. It also comes with a clear, removable faceplate cover to help protect it from spills.

Verified Purchase
Worthwhile investment

I had a digital scale I had purchased a couple years back, but didn't really trust it's accuracy. This little scale is easy to use, tares, and works well. A dependable little scale!

An Excellent Purchase

Affordable and it works. The 'tare' button is super simple and I've garnered superb results with my cp soap. A worthwhile buy!