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Lasted Almost 3Months

I really liked this scale (5-star worthy), but I had a little spill on it and stopped working. I replaced the battery and immediately got an "electric burning" smell so I quickly took out the battery and tossed it (after airing out the kitchen!) Great scale, but I am looking for something a little more oil-friendly this go-round.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
That strange, we use this scale in the soap lab all the time and have not had that problem. IF you're looking for a little bit more sturdy of a scale you may prefer the KD7000 Scale with "Small" Adapter. It also comes with a clear, removable faceplate cover to help protect it from spills.

Verified Purchase
Worthwhile investment

I had a digital scale I had purchased a couple years back, but didn't really trust it's accuracy. This little scale is easy to use, tares, and works well. A dependable little scale!

An Excellent Purchase

Affordable and it works. The 'tare' button is super simple and I've garnered superb results with my cp soap. A worthwhile buy!