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These are a Must Have for any formulator

I've loved these since the first time ordering. Order plenty to keep in each jar of mica or colorant for easy measuring.

Great buy

I like these little scoops because it gives you just the amount you need without over scooping. I use 1 for each color I use.

Keeps me from over coloring

Perfect size for measuring the right amount of colorant to use. Otherwise I would "eyeball it" and over-estimate how much I needed. (I speak from experience). These little scoops make it easy to measure just the right amount and get repeatable results every time. Some colors can discolor them a little bit, but I don't care about that.


Great size, I use them for clays, micas, and even mixing micas in glycerin. They wash up easy, except for black mica and activated charcoal. They get a little stained. Easy to use. A little pricy for 1 scoop. But I recommend them for a great measuring scoop for your powders.

Verified Purchase
Almost perfect for mica measuring!

You'd think when you first see them that you can't possibly get enough color with these scoops. WRONG! It can measure out the perfect amount of color! My only problem is that it seems some micas stain the scoops. I have one that is tinted brown from the cappuccino mica and even after immediately washing it the color stuck to it. Not sure why but I'm a bit nervous with my luster black and shimmer merlot colors sticking now.