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not impressed

I purchased the 18 bar silicone liner and my daughter bought me the dividers for Christmas. The dividers don’t fit in the liner there to big. Did this liner used to be thinner like the 5 lb mold. I find that my divider for that as well only fits the thinner liners I have.

Verified Purchase
Want to return

Very disappointed in these dividers, the bend and it's hard to unfold my soap which normally releases easily from silicone molds. I want my money back.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Shayna! I'm sorry you were disappointed in these dividers and found them hard to use. They definitely are not as flexible as a silicone mold or liner since they are made from a hard plastic. To help get your soap out more easily you can first try rubbing the dividers with some liquid oil that does not saponify, like Cyclomethicone. Also using Sodium Lactate in your soap should help it pop out more easily since it will make for a harder batch. Customer service has contacted you directly about a return.

15 bars?

I love the 18 bar Baltic Birch Mold but wish I could also use it to make 15 bars of even size. Have you considered selling dividers that would divide the mold into 15 bars so the mold can be more versatile? Thanks, Susan


Not only do the slats warp and need contact care to stay straight, but the bars are a different size than the 5 or 10 pound mold, making it something i can't use if I want all my soaps uniform. This means I waste soap trying to cut my 18 bar mold soap the same size as my loaf molds. This also means that I feel I can't use it and miss out on some lovely swirling patterns. Very disappointed.

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Susan! I'm sorry you were disappointed in this set. Our 18 Bar Divider Set is made from thin plastic so they can warp. They can easily return to normal by boiling them so the plastic becomes more malleable then set them back into your mold as if you're about to make soap overnight. Our Unfinished Birchwood Molds do make different shaped soap than the 5 and 10 pound Wood Loaf Molds as they are slab molds versus loaf molds.

Verified Purchase

The first time I used these dividers I was ecstatic! I washed them in my kitchen sink with warm water and laid them on a towel to dry. The next time I used them I noticed they were bent :( and my soaps came out uneven. Very disappointing as I purchased 2 sets of them.

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Maryann! I'm so glad you at first loved our 18 Bar Divider Set when you first used them! Though, I'm sorry you were later disappointed. Because these dividers are plastic they can warp. You can try heating them with boiling water to make them more pliable, dry them off, then put them into the grid pattern in your mold overnight. They should return to normal! I will email you personally to resolve this issue.